Thursday, February 25, 2021


It will be a long and hard road back for Domingo German. He may have served his suspension with MLB, but he's still serving hard time with the New York Yankees. German made a public apology yesterday, but his teammates aren't ready to forgive and forget.

I don't place a lot of value on monetary things. I don't think value is limited to what we own or how much we are "worth." I think our reputation and integrity are worth so much more then what our balance is in our bank account, or how much we have saved up for retirement, etc. I have said this before on BYB, once we lose our integrity and our good name we've lost it all. Once we lost it all, how do we get it back? Is it even possible?

Right now German is in a tough spot. His teammates had a lot to say on Wednesday. He definitely got a lot of tough love and he has a long road back to get be in his teammates good graces. I think that is a big deal. It's huge in the clubhouse and it's hard when you know your team doesn't trust you like they once did.

Last week Zack Britton said "Sometimes you don't get to control who your teammates are. I don't agree with what he did. I don't think it has any place in the game or off the field at all." The first sentence is what strikes me the most and I'm sure German also. That's not the only blunt statement either, that was just a preview of what German had before yesterday.

I think Britton's statement was more blunt and to the point, but Luke Voit had more to say, read more HERE. "He's getting a second chance at this and we have his back, but he's skating on thin ice and he needs to get his life together," Voit said. "I think he's doing the right steps to do so, but again, he's got to prove to us that he can do that. I want German to get better. He's my teammate, obviously he's a friend so we'll be there for him. But we don't condone it and he messed up and a lot of guys look at him differently now ..."

And that last thought of "a lot of guys look at him differently now" is the kicker. I asked earlier once we lose it all, how do we get it back? How does he prove that he has changed and is continuing to change and make good choices in is life?

It will be hard for those of us who do not know German personally. Aaron Boone said "the proof is in the daily life he leads" and that will take some time to see. German's suspension may be over, but he still has consequences to face with his own team. Hopefully he learns from this mistake and he can rise above.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

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  1. No one should condone it, that said same should be said about DUI, Steroids.
    Evidently he has more support than what is being told.
    Severino and Chapman they have been reaching out.
    I personally think with the short season last year his suspension should had been shortened.
    After losing a whole year of development it will be tough, possible trying to hard to impress to make the roster.
    In fact until theystarten the funny stuff with his starts to control innings his stuff was pretty good.
    Maybe not have events where alcohol can be consumed or a 1 drink limit.
    Where was the veteran player at that night making sure rookies or young players don't do something that could embarrass them or the team.
    I know in the end we are responsible for our own choices.


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