Friday, February 26, 2021


Well... if Aaron Hicks is healthy for an entire season, I say absolutely. Here's the problem... he's never healthy. But damn I love his confidence. writes:

"Hicks’ 27 homers in 2018 are by far a career high — his next-best total was 15 the year before — but he thinks he’s capable of blowing past that every season.

“It’s definitely going to rise,” Hicks said. “I definitely see myself hitting 30 plus. That’s what I want to do and that’s what I believe that I can do. If get 500 plate appearances, I’m definitely going to hit my mark with those numbers.”

And Hicks isn't the only one who's pumped about the season. Us Yankee fans are too. I was reading Twitter the other day. And Yes, it's such a sewer with a-holes like Aubrey Huff, but there's some good stuff too... Yankee fans expressing their true love for their team.

I saw one fan suggest Luke Voit will get 50 homers in 2021. And one fan even suggested that this is the year that Aaron Judge hits 62 homers beating the Yankees all time record of Roger Maris and his 61.  
And here's that Judge one:

Nice! Listen... let's hope these predicts are right. I wanna see a monster season for my Yankees!!!

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