Saturday, February 15, 2020


There needs to be punishment for the Astros players.   Just a simple note I want to make here.  If Major League Baseball and the Player's Union actually punished the Astros players for their actions, there would be no concern about what Dusty Baker says here. Watch this and listen to his words and concern:

As Bleeding Yankee Blue wrote in MANFRED JUST MADE MLB THE WILD, WILD WEST! RULES DON'T APPLY! , because Rob Manfred did nothing to the players, he essentially said to everyone who loves baseball that rules don't apply... punishments aren't needed... hell, the whole league can do whatever the hell it wants.

And so Dusty Baker's concern about "premeditated retaliation" is very, very real. It's going to happen. It's going to happen a lot. Pitchers are going to throw at the Astros. Teams are going in spikes high on the Astros. It's now a forced anger and it was started by the Astros and set by MLB and the Player's union.

And what's Rob Manfred going to do? He set the tone. What... is he gonna fine players? Suspend them? That will cause outrage and players will rebel more... BECAUSE THEY'LL START ASKING HOW THEY CAN BE PUNISHED IF CHEATERS FROM THE ASTROS ARE NOT! Are you following me?

I can't wait to go head hunting against tiny Jose Altuve. I can't wait until Alex Bregman gets a fastball thrown at his back game after game. It's pretty deserving at this point. You can thank the Astros and the commissioner for that!

Hey Astros... we're coming for you. You can run, but you cannot hide.

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