Tuesday, February 11, 2020


And this is just the beginning folks!  Look for more and more of this as the baseball world is still pretty aggravated at the way the Astros were handled so nicely by the MLB. Plus... baseball fans are still seeing red as we all know that the Astros players should have been punished severely... but weren't.

Big story about pitcher Mike Bolsinger.  He's pissed, and he's suing the Houston Astros... and I love it.  USA Today writes:

"The Houston Astros wronged a lot of people, in a lot of ways. But the damage they did to Mike Bolsinger – to his career and to his whole life – was particularly harsh, and the former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher wants them held accountable. 

Bolsinger filed a civil lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, accusing the Astros of unfair business practices, negligence and intentional interference with contractual and economic relations. Yes, Bolsinger is seeking unspecified damages, but they’re not all for himself. He wants the Astros to forfeit the roughly $31 million in bonuses from their ill-gotten World Series title, and for the money to go to charities in Los Angeles focused on bettering kids’ lives, as well as to create a fund for retired baseball players who need financial assistance."

In other words, message to the Astros. Youth players should learn to play the game the right way... not the wrong way like the Astros play it.  And so, the civil suit is warranted in my mind. I'm thrilled for Bolsinger to step forward. And so, be ready folks, because more will be coming.  There are plenty of players out there that are furious about the Astros deal and their cheating scandal. That's because many lost out on potential awards, possible contract extensions and of course championships... all because the Astros cheated.

I can't wait to see what happens next. Hey Bolsinger! We applaud you here at BYB!


  1. Congrats are in order to BYB!!!! You know you’ve made it when trolls invade your comments section. Kudos!!!

    On a much less sarcastic and more serious note, I totally agree with this article and I side with Bolsinger and the other victims of the cheating that went on. Yu Darvish and countless others lost their way thanks to the Astros’ blatant disregard for the rules! Players need a backbone and call out others on cheating, period. Or there’s no integrity.

  2. First PED’S,now electronic cheating;what’s next? So much dishonesty and many keep looking the other way!!!


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