Sunday, February 16, 2020


What kind of a crazy, misguided world do we live in? Unfortunately we live in one where an incredibly weak commissioner doesn't believe in a fair game. He doesn't believe that the punishment must fit the crime and it gets my blood boiling!

It's one thing to hold managers, coaches and front office personnel responsible for making sure players don't cheat when it comes to technology, and they should pay for those choices by losing their jobs. But why should the players get special immunity? It sends a bad message when our foolish commissioner will not hold them accountable for doing the ACTUAL CHEATING. The punishment does not fit the crime.

So now Manfred has a new problem to deal with. If Manfred won't be a strong leader and deliver the swift punishment that the cheating ASSTROS deserve, the baseball world is going to take justice into their own hands. This scares Manfred. He is going to try and "get in front of the issue" but HE CAN'T.

Teams are already looking at the calendar and planning when to make their move. When the Astros come into town revenge will be served, and it will be swift. No "WARNING" from Manfred is going to discourage anyone, the Yankees included. Maybe even us especially because YUP! WE'RE THROWING AT YOU, ASTROS!

To hell with what WEAK Manfred says. He doesn't believe in punishment, because if he did....he would've punished the cheaters. If he wanted a fair game, he would've given a fair punishment. He would've done more to restore integrity to this game.

So Manfred's warning literally means nothing. Manfred didn't bring justice to the baseball world and so now we take it back ourselves! I wish CC Sabathia was still pitching, just for one game...because he's the guy I want to watch nail Alex Bregman in the back and make Jose Altuve dance nervously in the box. Yankee fans want to see fans want to see that!

We have seen pitchers throw at guys for a LONG time. This isn't a new thing. The cheating ASSTROS only adds FUEL to the fire and will make it happen more. Dusty Baker can plea to the baseball community all he sucks he walked into this situation  and it sucks that he is genuinely remorseful for something he had nothing to do with but he he CHOSE to and now whatever happens, happens. Manfred's warning is stupid. He's trying to set a precedence...and it's not going to work.

You can threaten us all you want Manfred, but you've lost our respect. So we hear you loud and clear. You don't want any of us throwing at the cheaters you protected. But here is the problem....we don't care so now you will hear us. You can't stop us and we aren't done fighting this!

Not by a long shot.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj 

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  1. If Mansfred wont punish them correctly than we baseball fans should boycott all games that the Astros play. That means even against our favorite team. (i.e. Astros vs Yanks) etc. If games get boycotted than the team and owner makes no money.


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