Thursday, February 20, 2020


It sucks to be the Astros right now and it sucks to be Rob Manfred too. He gets sucked into this more and more everyday. I don't feel sorry for Manfred or the ASSTROS though, they deserve this.

If you haven't heard, the Astros have three lawsuits pending against them. Read more HERE and HERE. There are a lot of questions here, some more ridiculous then others. The real question here much must everyone HATE the Astros to have so many lawsuits pending?

The world is watching and they are speaking loudly...cheating isn't okay. Cheating affects a lot of people. We already know it impacted the game and the players, but what about the fans?

"The Astros are accused of “deceptively overcharging (fans) for season tickets while defendants and their employees and representative knowingly and surreptitiously engaged in a sign stealing scheme … and secretly put a deficient product on the field that could result (and now has resulted) in severe penalties” from Major League Baseball."

"As a result of the scheme, the lawsuit claims, season ticket holders are owed refunds of what attorneys say were inappropriate increases in ticket prices for the last four seasons. The suit also seeks treble damages for the Astros’ “knowing, willful, intentional, surreptitious, wrongful and unconscionable conduct."

In addition, attorneys seek an order that would prevent the Astros from increasing season ticket prices for at least two years.

These lawsuits (no matter how ridiculous) are just more proof that this cheating scandal isn't going away anytime soon. As my husband likes to say..."Play stupid games and win stupid prizes" and the Astros have cheated a lot of people here. 

The Astros have lost all credibility and so has Rob Manfred. They have a lot of damage to try and fix. I don't think they can fix this, honestly....not without punishing the players involved. As more develops you know we will cover it because this is not over, not even close. The Astros wish they could just turn the page, but until the punishment fits the crime we won't let them!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj 

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