Sunday, January 19, 2020


Oh... suddenly they look scared and worried. You can see it in their faces. Little Jose Altuve looks like he's about to cry when he addressed the media at fan fest.  And Alex Bregman... you know, that cocky little dude who always used to run his mouth about how great the Astros are, suddenly has one answer: "The Commissioner made his report and decision, the Astros made their decision."

What he doesn't realize is that he's not safe by any means. Reports can easily be re-evaluated... especially when new information comes out.

They are running scared. They know they're caught and I am loving every minute of it.  The Sporting News expands on these 2 idiots:

"Altuve and Alex Bregman faced questions about Houston's sign-stealing scandal for the first time Saturday, but beyond denying rumors they wore electronic buzzers during games, the infielders mostly declined to discuss details about their team's misdeeds. Bregman called the allegations he wore a device under his uniform "stupid." Altuve called them "ridiculous."...

MLB said it investigated the possibility of "wearable devices" being in the Astros' scheme and "found no evidence." Altuve also issued a denial through his agent, Scott Boras. "

But if the drum is banged loud enough, by fans and especially by players, Rob Manfred will be forced to look into this incident again... no question. Guys like CC Sabathia, Cody Bellinger, Blake Snell, Chris Archer and Todd Frazier have already come out blasting the Astros and they want action.

I do find it interesting that squeaky clean guy Justin Verlander is silent. A few years back he was the guy on the Tigers that was blasting the Astros for sign stealing. Now suddenly an Astro himself... no one has heard from this guy.  Makes him look just as guilty.

I will say this... this story is the greatest thing to happen to Bleeding Yankee Blue.  Our readership is now up by 70% thanks to these idiots. And so, we will continue to report on it. It's the biggest, most disappointing story in baseball history. Not everyone understands this though:

"looking LIKE a fool." Not "looking a fool". Bad grammar. Who tweets at 2:25am? Jerk offs... that's who.

Notice BYBs top 10 trending right now:

This works for us here at BYB. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for your support.

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