Friday, November 22, 2019


Didi Gregorius is still a free agent, and the Yankees should get moving and sign him. One talent evaluator predicted that Gregorius would eventually receive a three-year deal.

“When he came back, there was enough there to believe he could return to the player he was before he was injured,’’ a scout said of Gregorius, who hit .268 with a career-high 27 homers, 86 RBIs and posted a .829 OPS in 2018 before blowing out his elbow in the ALDS.

Source: ClutchPoints

If the fan-favorite had not gotten hurt, he could've been looking at a bigger deal.

During the GM meetings, Brian Cashman seemed open to the idea of Didi coming back to the Bronx. 

“[Gregorius] has been a great player for us,’’ Cashman said. “He’s a free agent now. There’s competition for his services. We’ll continue to engage and see if we can continue the relationship or not. I can’t predict it.”

Source: New York Post

If a deal is struck, it will most likely be for less than the $17.8m annual figure the Yankees already declined. However, if the Yankees do decide to let Gregorius go, Aaron Boone could slide over Gleyber Torres from second base to shortstop and DJ LeMahieu from first base to second base next season. 

What do you think the best move is? Splurge and get back Didi? Or move around the infield?

--Missy O'Rourke
BYB Contributor
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  1. Why schould get ride of him sign him asap

  2. Hmm....
    I prefer Didi over Voit on the team.
    I prefer Andujar over Gio and Didi 's range helps there.
    Didi has a perfect stadium swing and his being LH would balance the roster.
    Yankees need three moves


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