Friday, October 4, 2019


It is non-selfish moments like this that will make CC Sabathia a Yankee legend forever.

Any other player would want the ball and not reveal concern about injury or putting a team in a bad spot. Many would make a selfish decision to get face time in front of the fans and not care about the outcome... as long as that player got his.  And this is why I have always called Sabathia a leader. He's about team first. He's about the best 25 in that moment. And if it means he needs to take a back seat... so be it.  I applaud him. I appreciate him. I admire his leadership.

If you are living under a rock, it was revealed that CC Sabathia would not be on the roster of the Yankees as they enter the ALDS. WTOP writes:

"CC Sabathia will be watching the AL Division Series from the dugout, unable to contribute from the New York Yankees bullpen because of a sore left shoulder. 'I didn’t want to put the team in jeopardy,' the 39-year-old left-hander said Thursday, a day before the opener against the Minnesota Twins. 'I didn’t want to be selfish and go out there hurt and put the team in a bad spot.'...

'It’s been something that we’ve been trying to deal with the past couple months. Thought that we had a pretty good handle on it,' Sabathia said. 'I threw in that game in Tampa, and it felt pretty good, but I woke up a couple days later, and it was pretty sore.' 

Sabathia hopes to be able to pitch in the AL Championship Series if the Yankees advance...'I do feel like the longer we go, it’s a better chance that I can get back out there,' he said."

Let's hope the Yankees keep going.  I would love to see CC pitch one last time at Yankee Stadium in the 2019 World Series. It would make the whole thing worth it.

I applaud you CC.

Go Yanks!

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