Wednesday, July 17, 2019


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50 years ago this week, three Americans took to space and landed on the moon.  At 9:32 a.m. EDT Apollo 11 lifted off from Pad A, Launch Complex 39, Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Believe it or not, it was an incredible milestone in American history and success for its space program.  Apparently, I was one of the millions of spectators who tuned in from their living rooms to listen and watch this moment.  I was 8-months old.

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The Yankees seemingly wanted to commemorate this milestone as a crew of four players, Edwin Encarnacion, DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Judge and Didi Gregorius, launched moon shots to beat the Tampa Bay Rays 8-3 on moon day.  The incredible Yankees continue to wow crowds across the nation, and even if you don't like the Bronx Bombers, you can't help but be impressed with what this team has accomplished this season.

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Much like the fascination with space and love affair of what it represents with regards to inquiry and discovery, the Yankees truly are writing their own fair tale story this season as they look to also meet a milestone: taking part in the World Series in every decade since their humble beginnings.


"They last competed for a title 10 years ago—a blip for most teams, but an eternity for the most successful franchise in North American professional sports. If they fall short again, it would mark the first calendar decade the Yankees failed to appear in a World Series since the 1910s—before Babe Ruth, numbered uniforms and their ballpark in the Bronx," reported the Wall Street Journal.


In a land where Failure is Not An Option, the Yankees have to live up to the expectations set by not only their fans but their administration who are in the game to win. "Steinbrenner expects the Yankees to vie for a championship every season. Anything less constitutes failure. That means for almost a decade, the Yankees have failed," according to WSJ.

Let's hope that last night's win is a foreshadowing of things yet to come for this battling team, in this last decade to keep the streak alive.

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BYB Managing Editor
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