Saturday, April 13, 2019


Look, there are a variety of problems with the 2019 New York Yankees. The biggest one is obviously injury, but there's more.  Leadership is piss poor, and you need to factor in a lack of consistency.  I mean yes, they are consistency losing, but that's bad.  Consistency in winning is what fans want, and having Aaron Boone suggest that we are almost at that point of playing real good baseball is probably the WORST thing you can tell a fan base that's aggravated and frustrated.  It's awful actually.

We have the tools to do great things.  But...there is no rhythm, and that's a bad thing.  If you are constantly putting players on the IL and swapping them out for second string and dealing with players taking cortisone shots every 2 weeks, you as an organization may even need to question how the training and medical staff is handling the players.  I mean, the fact that Luis Severino needed to go back to Chris Ahmed because he should have felt better than he was at a certain point of his recovery a few weeks ago is a red flag all day long.  The fact that many of these young players are getting hurt so easy is worrisome.

And the last time I heard about consistent cortisone shots, it was from Sandy Koufax, and he was so concerned in all the shots he was getting, he quit the came because his health came first.  Think about that... that was the 60's.  This is 2019, we need to be smarter in how we handled these Yankee players.

And now, Gary Sanchez, the 12th player on the Yankees team to hit the IL.  Think about that.  You have a 25 man roster, AND HALF THE TEAM IS HURT. HALF. I don't need Boone trying to distract. I need my team owners to come forward and explain themselves.   Here's the latest from Yahoo Sports:

"At this point, the team’s lineup is being held together by Aaron Judge, Luke Voit, Gleyber Torres and six rolls of duct tape. 

The early injuries have taken their toll on the Yankees. After 12 games, the team is just 5-7. Given the amount of talent on the injured list, that record could actually be viewed as a positive. There’s still plenty of time for the Yankees to turn things around. Other than Luis Severino and Miguel Andújar, the rest of the impact players on the IL should return to the team soon. 

While losing Severino and Andújar for significant time would hurt, the Yankees are far too talented to count out without them."

Here's the problem though, injury lingers. It always has and it's historic. I'm not calling the Yankees season off now saying they'll never make it. I'm saying "plenty of time" is nice, but it's not realistic.

This is more than the Yankees getting past 12 IL players. This is about a potential problem in how they are handled.  Couple that with lack of rhythm and consistency, and a quote "leader" in Aaron Boone that is awful and not even the healthy guys can help this team.  

It's a bad team right now, folks. Don't try and gloss over it.  We need help fast.

That's my take anyway.

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  1. Well here is some more bad news, as much as everyone lines it when it is Gleyber Day the fact is when he starts a game hitting 7th he is hitting .750, 8th 375 but when he hits 4th in a game it is .182,5th .175/and 6th .167. Hey I get it he can mash the ball but even his statistics show almost the same results last year.When he starts a game hitting in the order 7-9 he rakes.Stanton hits almost a 100 points higher when he hits 4th in a game but Boone likes to hit him behind Judge and in fact Judge before being placed permanently in the 2nd spot he hit better 3rd.
    What good are analytics if your not going to use them.Throw the stupid book away if you can't read it properly because if you don't know how to apply as they say analytics then you sure don't need the book.
    I got tired of same old Joe, I didn't like Boone as my choice and I sure don't like anyone on the medical staff, they can't find a bandaid or read an x-ray.
    Rothschild has to go, he is in charge of the pitching staff and right now it looks lost, out of sink and bad.
    I don't know what has happened to Bird and his k's unless he is pressing, he at least will walk, Voit only looks to homer and Gardy wants to be pitch count king for the better and that won't happen because Judge almost always goes 3-2 because Gardy doesn't steal when he gets on so they can expand the zone on Judge and Stanton with the soft stuff because they know the runner is not running. If you run the bases you gotta pitch out or throw fastballs we all know what happens when you throw fastballs to Judge, Voit,Stanton,
    It doesn't take a book of analytics to figure it out just common sense.


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