Monday, April 15, 2019


LOSERS! Again!

The Yankees are headed into the first meeting of the year against the Red Sox in the worst possible place. The ship is sinking, and our skipper Aaron Boone is completely incoherent. This meeting couldn't come at a worse time.

Thank the baseball gods for CC Sabathia right now, otherwise we would've been swept by the Chicago White Sox. Losing a series to them is bad enough, getting swept would've been unforgivable. We need to stop the bleeding now and we need some leadership now more than ever, but I am convinced now more than ever that we won't find that with Boone. Here is why....

"I really do think we are in a sound place as far as our focus, our energy, our expectations when we walk through those doors. We are dealing with adversity right now, which is part of the big-league season. You got to navigate that, you got to grind through the tough times, but as far as where we are in our mindset and our intent and our focus, I think we’re fine." - Aaron Boone

WAIT....say what?

He either really thinks we are in a sound place or he's incredibly stupid. Pick your poison, but either way this isn't a "sound place" this is a disastrous place. The Yankees had an easy April schedule and have been humiliated in every series except against the Orioles in Baltimore. They have been embarrassed at home! How is that okay? They should've beaten the Orioles at home, and the Tigers. The should've beaten the White Sox. There's nothing "fine" about this.

Thankfully someone has some sanity left. "It’s early, but it’s frustrating to lose two out of three to a team we should probably beat, and we're just not getting the job done," Luke Voit said HERE. The Yankees should've beat the White Sox and they are definitely NOT getting the job done.  And he's not the only one, Aaron Judge knows it too, "It's just frustrating not getting the job done. We had guys on base and not being able to drive them in, we weren’t able to capitalize like we should and this team knows we can."

That doesn't sound like the mindset of a team that is "fine." Yes Boone has to stay positive and motivate these guys. He's the puppet that Brian Cashman wanted. He is the opposite of Joe Girardi who would be fired up right now instead of saying delusional crap like that. He's the new direction of the Yankees, that isn't going in the right direction right now.

Am I fired about about it? Yeah. This team has been built for success but nothing is working as it should. The offense sucks, the starting pitching isn't effective at all which overworks the bullpen and makes it implode. Nothing is working as it should. A GOOD manager should recognize this and know how to fix these issues instead of give fluffy, hopeful and meaningless comments that make him sound completely stupid. Yet we are supposed to trust that Boone is the man that can take these Yankees to the postseason promise land while Joe Girardi was old-school and not qualified anymore? Gimme a break.

Ownership wanted a puppet and they got him. Here is your "YES man" Aaron "idiot" Boone who has no clue. His claim to fame was hitting a walk-off homerun in the 2003 ALCS only to be released in February of 2004. He's got a managerial pedigree supposedly. He's just waiting to show it to all of us. Any day now we will all see it.

And if we are lucky he will choose to show it to us starting on Tuesday. That's when the 6-9 Yankees will go to Fenway and be fine and focused to beat the 6-10 Red Sox. I want to believe that but there is a problem here and it's NOT JUST INJURIES. Yes, injuries suck but good teams find a way to still win. There's a problem here....and part of it is Boone.

Today is a much needed off day. Tuesday starts an important season long battle. The Yankees and Red Sox usually bring out the best in each other. Hopefully that is what we see here resulting in a Yankees much needed series win. Oh and that would also mean one less stupid Boone quote to read, hopefully.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @Nyprincessj

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