Saturday, March 30, 2019


One of the biggest problems with big, drawn out contracts is if a player gets hurt for a long, extended period of time, teams still need to pay.  The Yankees were fools when they signed Jacoby Ellsbury to the contract they signed him too. I wouldn't have signed him into my grandmother's wake.  He's a waste of space and isn't pulling his weight, nor is he delivering what the Yankees thought they were signing. Why? BECAUSE HE'S HURT. He's always hurt... and we knew that when we signed him. He has had that rep since his Boston days.

Do you know that in 6 years with the Yankees he's only appeared in 520 games? Did you know that in 2018 he never saw the field according to  Do you know that he's been out so long people actually don't know where he is if you look at the searches by us folks who are curious about Jacoby Ellsbury?

He is robbing the Yankees blind. I don't care if he's hurt because he ran into a wall. I don't care that he underwent surgery, or is nursing his left calf. We signed this bum for a ton of money and he is MIA like... all the time.

Cut him loose.  Either find a team and pay the money or have him retire and pay him, but get rid of him.  Maybe file a breach of contract. Maybe sue the guy. Do something... because it's mindblowing to me and it's a shame the Yankees were dumb enough to even have this guy on the radar that winter of 2013.

The time is now Cashman... lose him.  Oh yeah... and if you want news about Ellsbury? Read this... it comes from CBS Sports:

"The Yankees officially placed Ellsbury (foot) on the 10-day injured list Thursday. Ellsbury is one of six Yankees who will open the season on the IL as the team set its roster ahead of Thursday's opener against the Orioles. The veteran outfielder will remain at extended spring training while he continues to recover from a bout of plantar fasciitis and is without a clear timeline to return from the IL. Once activated, Ellsbury is likely to serve as little more than a fourth or fifth outfielder and probably won't be guaranteed much more than a start or two per week."

I'd sign him as a cashier at the pulled pork station at Citi Field.  He wouldn't need to exert that much energy.


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  1. Why NYY won't release him now? Because if they did then they would hve to pay him fully and right now the insurance company is covering 75%+ which NY is pocketing. So, as much as I share the hate, the frustration you got on Ells which is the same I said why the f*** NY signed when news first broke off. But it is what is and now we have to suck it off like men.

  2. I am as frustrated as are many Yankee fans but to call him a bum is a little...Moore than needs to be said about him. Way more. The yanks did the damage to themselves. He has a contract that has to be filled. That’s good for him but a disaster for the bombers. Whatever his situation to why he can’t play is anybody’s guess. Maybe he is playing possum...maybe not...but to call him a bum...I think not...I can think of at least a dozen other players that might fit into that catagory...and I say might because the definition of a bum is as low as a human that u can get...I don’t like him at all...never did...why they hold on to him is another guess....and at this point it’s moot...and I don’t think many Yankee fans care one way or another...the yanks pay him..WE DO NOT...


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