Wednesday, April 25, 2018


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Finally, the Yankee bats thawed from the cold early beginnings of spring to ignite an all out hit fest in the Bronx.  During the first game against Minnesota, Giancarlo Stanton raised his batting average into the 200s, which is great considering that it was a pitifully ugly start for the National League MVP.  Guys like Miguel Andujar, Tyler Austin, Didi Gregorius and the consistently productive Brett Gardner have jumpstarted this Yankee team and I like it.

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The chatter had been quiet on my Twitter feed up until the recent home stand and rightfully so.  We were struggling.  We were not playing well offensively or defensively, but with some shifts in the batting order and the addition of phenom Gleyber Torres, who not only got his first hit in the first game against the Twins but in the second game picked up his first RBI, the team is back on track.  Yankee baseball is fun to watch again.

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The Yankees needed a confidence boost and the Twins have done that for them.  As I said to my son this week, sometimes you need to play weaker teams just to work out the kinks and find your center.  Although the Twins had a good start this season, they are not the Yankees or an AL East team for that matter.

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As the NY Times reported on Tuesday, "It took them 21 games, but the Yankees finally put together a three-game winning streak." And with Tuesday's win, a four-game winning streak.  And as the Times predicts, "It is still early, of course, with about 87 percent of the season still to be played, but the win streak is the first indication that this rebuilt, retooled and significantly younger Yankees team might be equipped to challenge, or exceed, the unexpected success of the 2017 version, which came within one win of going to the World Series."  I like the sound of that.  I like it a lot.

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So the bats are hot and the Yankees are back.  They finish off the Twins at home on Thursday and then head out to the West Coast for three games against the Angels and four against the World Series Champion Houston Astros.  Stay on track, Yankees...stay hot!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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