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In 2007 I was given a great birthday gift by my then girlfriend/ now wife.  She got me two tickets to see the New York Giants play the New England Patriots at the old Giants Stadium.  It was cold as hell that night, but the electricity in the building kept the Big Blue Faithful warm.  The Football Giants took it on the chin that night by a small 3 point margin.  The amazing thing about the game was that EVERY New York Fan left the Meadowlands that night happy and truly excited.  I spoke to a handful of perfect strangers as we slogged out of the stadium.  We were in agreement.  That game brought the Giants to the next level.  

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We all knew that if Big Blue saw the Pats again they'd knock those Massholes on their asses....ladies and gentlemen...THE 2007 NFL CHAMPION NEW YORK GIANTS!

As a Yankee fan that game in 07 reminded me of a feeling I hadn't felt since 1995.  Back then, as a student at Syracuse University, I saw the Bombers lose to the Mariners in a game for the ages...I wasn't sad, I was elated! 

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The Yankees WOULD be back.  And, like Steve Austin, they'd be better, faster, stronger than they ever were before.  The kids (known now as the immortal Core 4) were progressing quicker than anyone could have foreseen.  The Bronx was back.  I couldn't wait for pitcher and catchers to report.  The league was on notice, whether they wanted to admit it or not.

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The other night, after Game 7 concluded, I had that old feeling again.  The Yankees were in a "Building Year" according to the experts like Olney and Heyman (By the way, can we take the "baseball insider", expert label away from those two knuckleheads?)  Bird, Judge, Sanchez, Sevy, Didi...they don't listen to experts.  They don't hear Joe Buck or John "I NEVER beat the Yankees" Smoltz.  These Yankees just play baseball...and they play it without fear.

Sure, they Yankees aren't going on to LA.  They lost to a really good team with 101 wins.  But the Yankees aren't heading home in shame, they are reloading for 2018. 

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They have what they need and will add pieces.  Yankee fans, feel good.  Shake this one off.  The Baby Bombers have arrived....I absolutely guarantee it.  It's like 1995 again. 

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The Yankees are coming and coming faster than Baseball thought.  The league will watch the Astro and Dodgers and wonder what that rumbling is in the distance.  It's the coming storm of a team that is loaded and hungry. 

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** This was on EVERY pregame mix tape I'd ever made.  It is the song for the 2018 New York Yankees.  The Stadium will rock!  The Bombers will attack next season with a blood lust for the W!  I'm telling you.  Enjoy the off season!

  --Mike O'Hara
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