Monday, February 22, 2016


So many pictures, and so much fun to look at the New York Yankees at spring training.  Gotta love it. If you live under a rock or just got out of a coma, we did 3 other posts on A GLIMPSE OF YANKEE SPRING TRAINING. Check out:


Anyway, here's Part 4.

A smiling Ardolis Chapman. I guess he's not sweating getting possibly reprimanded by Major League Baseball.  We are all waiting to see what happens.  By the way, be sure to read ARDOLIS CHAPMAN & THE BAN FROM SPRING TRAINING.

Andrew Miller pouts for the camera like he's in a boy band. Whatever the case, I am thrilled the Yankees didn't trade Miller away this off season.  He was an outstanding pick up last year and with Chapman and Betances, it's gonna be great! Looking forward to this.

Austin Romine is sharing a moment with Brian McCann here.  No question the conversation went something like this:

Romine: So, do you think I have a shot at the back up catcher job?
McCann: Isn't Gary Sanchez here?
Romine: Yup...
McCann: Nope

I kid, I kid.  I always liked Romine.  But the bottom line is Sanchez clicked and I think he will end up being the back up this season. We shall see.

Bryan Mitchell throws today and the word on the street is he looked pretty good.  Girardi said the other day he saw 20 bullpens and is excited.  Me too Joe.

More soon. Promise.

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