Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Just wanted to update you all on the Yankee injuries and where everyone stands.  A lot of you have been asking me about Mark Teixeira, for instance.

Mark Teixeira: Markie Poo is still on crutches.  Apparently he had some nerve inflammation and was given 2 injections to ease that.  To be honest, the way it's been described by Brian Cashman, it appears that we shouldn't even think about Tex for the rest of the season. Maybe the post season. 

Nathan Eovaldi: We gave you an update on Eovaldi this morning in BUM ELBOW SIDELINES EOVALDI. The timetable then was 2 weeks.  But now it appears that he too may not be back for the regular season.  The way it will break down is a 2 week throwing program after he recovers for 2 weeks.  It could be a while. That sucks man.

Brett Gardner: Day to day.  Don't forget that he hurt his shoulder running into a wall trying to catch the baseball.  He's getting medical attention to relieve some pressure, but it may take a few days until he's back, or at least that's what the Yankees say.

Garrett Jones: When we last spoke about Garrett Jones, he was DFA'd by the Yankees, came back and was DFA'd again. He was released on August 20th.  I personally found it to be a bunch of crap.  On one hand, I like the guy as a player, but I got to know Cassie and G a bit and I like them.   People have emailed asking where G is these days.  I personally didn't want to encroach on their privacy right now, so I didn't text Cassie or anything, but I just did some independent digging.  My answer? Pergatory.  Pergatory in baseball.

You see, the last piece of information I was able to gather was a Retweet by Jones himself when someone asked him to come back to the Pirates on Twitter:
Garrett's got a huge fan base in Pittsburgh.  Plus, it makes sense. We all know how much he loves Clint Hurdle. He said so in EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: GARRETT & CASSIE JONES:

"Garrett Jones: Hurdle is a great leader and motivator. He has really helped bring that city to life, and I've enjoyed being a part of it and now watching it."

 So yeah, if  that could work out for the Jones family, that would be great.

Right now, I know of no team "in" for Garrett Jones.  But when something happens, and it will, I will most certainly tell you.

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