Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Tino Martinez is having a good run!

According to several outlets, but we'll use the Associated Press here, Martinez is joining the Yankees as an instructor:

"Martinez will be at minor league spring training until it ends this weekend. He is expected to continue the role at times during the season by visiting the Yankees' minor league teams.

The former Yankees star said Monday that he enjoys working with the prospects."

I love this for the following reason; remember when Tino was part of the Marlins organization and accused of being cruel and abusive?  We wrote about it in  TINO RESIGNS FROM THE MARLINS:

"...players complained he verbally abused them...Martinez apologized for his behavior, saying he got in trouble for comments to players he intended as constructive criticism. He conceded he became frustrated in his role with the Marlins, who have ranked last in the majors in batting and runs for most of the season." 

That was from a USA Today report from 2013.

Clearly the Yankees aren't afraid of Tino's "constructive criticism", and so, he'll be working with the kids.  I like it. Maybe he'll keep the prospects motivated.

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