Sunday, July 28, 2013


Either the Miami Marlins players need to grow a set and toughen up, or Tino Martinez has a sewer mouth.  Whatever the case, it's being reported everywhere that Tino Martinez has resigned from his post as the Marlins hitting coach. 

USA Today reports HERE, "Tino Martinez has resigned as the Miami Marlins' hitting coach after players complained he verbally abused them.

Martinez was in his first year as a professional coach. He met with Marlins officials after Sunday's win over the Pittsburgh Pirates and resigned.

Martinez apologized for his behavior, saying he got in trouble for comments to players he intended as constructive criticism. He conceded he became frustrated in his role with the Marlins, who have ranked last in the majors in batting and runs for most of the season."

Hey, I get that Tino, but verbal abuse is never a good answer. Look at me here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. We are a fan site and I put up opinion as do many of our writers. What we say is NOT LAW, although people on Twitter and Facebook tend to think we take ourselves way too seriously. We don't... we're fans just like you.  But they name call all day long and tell us we're "stupid" and "mediocre". We laugh. Then, get the hell away from them.  In this case, the Marlins appear to have forced Tino out, hence his resignation. Same thing... kind of.

I wonder if the Yanks will bring him aboard. To coach somewhere silly... not to hit. Although, he's of the age... I kid, I kid.

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