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 ...and that's a good thing!

It’s easy for us writers and fans to just name drop to try and fix the hole of the Yankees hitting coach spot.  We have it all figured out, don't we?  Kevin Long’s fired, read KEVIN LONG WILL SPEND MORE TIME AT HOME... HE'S FIRED, and suddenly, we know what to do.  "Tino Martinez" someone would yell.  "Paul O’Neill" says another.  I’m on board with Jorge Posada.  And I even suggested Dante Bichette Sr. on Twitter the other day.

It’s not a command, it’s an idea, an idea I didn’t invent and Mariana Bichette was sure to remind me she was watching my Tweets on Twitter.  Besides, it was Dante's choice to walk away from the Rockies in 2013 to work more with this sons.  Something I can get on board with. That's a family man at work. I kind of like that! You can read about that HERE. But it's not exactly coming from left field. Anyway...

Truth be told, we all have our favorites, but in the retirement world, being with family, watching kids grow up… it’s easier for us to make the suggestions than for the former stars to do the job.  We as fans need to put that in perspective... much like what Dante was doing with his boys. More on that in a moment.

Break it down… someone mentioned Paul O’Neill for the Yankees hitting coach job, and what a great idea it is, but here’s the reality… and this is me speculating; I think Paulie likes being home in Ohio and I think that he likes broadcasting a handful of games and getting back home to the family.  In short, I don’t think he’s ready to be the Yankees full time hitting coach.

Jorge Posada would be the ideal choice if I were in charge. He’s a former catcher, he understands the game better than many and has an excellent rapport with the players.  Plus, he’s got clout and stature and many would look up to this guy, young, as well as our veterans.  To me, it makes sense.

To Laura Posada and the kids, I’m not so sure that’s where he’s at yet in their lives right now… and I get it.  I remember speaking to Laura and asking about if Jorge got the call, what would happen.  Here was her answer:

"I have always supported him in his baseball career and I think it would be his decision.  In life, you need to be content with your choices and if he feels ready then let's play ball!"

Love the support and gotta love the Posada family.

If I had to guess though, right now it’s Laura’s time to shine and Jorge is enjoying the home life… so let him enjoy it.

Back to Dante.  Dante Bichette I feel may be in the same boat.  Dante is loved by the baseball community and very close to the Girardi family.  Dante Jr. calls Girardi "Uncle Joe" for crying out loud.  If I had to close my eyes and visualize the 2 of them. Joe and Sr. in the Yankee dugout, it fits.

I see the guy helping this club perform, but in reality, Dante Jr is working his way up the Yankee ladder and Bo is doing his own thing too, striving to improve their skills.  Is the timing just wrong on this for Dante Sr? I say perhaps.  Hey Mariana… don’t yell at me!

There have been reports that the Yankees are interested in Chili Davis who is the Oakland A’s hitting coach.  As you know, Chili was a former Yankee, he’s well liked in the baseball community as well as in New York. Comcast Sportsnet writes: “...Hitting coach Chili Davis’ name is being linked to the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs in media reports from each of those cities. All three teams are looking to fill hitting coach vacancies.

An A’s official said no team has sought permission yet to interview Davis, who just completed his third season with Oakland and is still under contract..."

Whether or not the Yankees will interview David remains to be seen, but it makes a heck of a lot of sense.

I’ll tell you who I do think would be the best choice at this point, and it’s someone that’s been hanging around the Yankees a lot lately in the background… it’s Tino Martinez.  Look, the guy was just honored and he isn’t broadcasting with YES or anything.  Plus, he’s loved in New York.

He also has the experience in Miami, although some of the Marlins seemed alittle soft after allegations of harassment and verbal abuse from Tino.  Look, I just know what was reported and I can’t delve into something I don’t know.  I do know this; If Tino was asked to be the Yankees new hitting coach, I think many in the Yankee community would embrace it.  This is just me thinking out loud.

Look, I think it’s way too early to nail down a hitting coach, but it’s true that the Yankees have to get organized sooner rather than later after a 2nd year of a failed playoff spot.  I gave you the names and my thoughts about each.  In the end, for many of these men, family is a major factor.  Bad timing is the other.  It will all work out in the end, but I do find the name dropping very interesting lately…

Who would you like to see as the Yankees hitting coach? Comment.

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