Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Brian Cashman will be back. It's only a matter of time.

According to many sources, but we'll us the New York Daily News on this one:

"It has been assumed for months that Brian Cashman would return with a new contract to continue as the Yankees' general manager. With the Bombers' season officially over, that process is underway.

According to a source, the Yankees and Cashman are in the midst of hammering out a new deal for the GM, who just completed his 17th season in the position."

Of course, during the season I was convinced that Hal Steinbrenner was making some type of cryptic statement about Cashman when he said he wasn't sure about Cashman:

We wrote in CASHMAN'S END IS COMING in August: "So let me explain what this means. It means simply, if the Yankees don't make the playoffs... Brian Cashman is out of a job.  If they make the playoffs, but lose, they'll evaluate, but, Brian Cashman is out of a job.  If they win the World Series... he 's safe.

I love my Yankees... but let's be realistic..."

Well, I was wrong, which doesn't mean much because I never claimed to be an expert, I claimed to be a fan.  Clearly the Steinbrenners don't blame Cashman for the Yankees shortcomings in 2014.  After all, Cash brought in the players, they just didn't perform.  At any rate, when a deal comes down, we'll be sure the BYB audience knows about it.

Damn, I'd love to interview Cashman and feel him out on this season and beyond.  Maybe one day soon I will. Stay tuned...

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