Tuesday, September 30, 2014


If you remember, during the season Carlos Beltran was battling an elbow situation.  It was probably why he struggled so badly.  In the end, he announced that he would have surgery after the season.  Well, it happened.

According to Bryan Hoch, the surgery took place and they removed the "loose bodies", i.e. bone fragments, cartilage and such from his elbow.  According to Hoch:
Look, I was pretty hard on Beltran this year.  He didn't bring it like expected.  I called him old, I called him alot of things and I now take it back.  After I read his wife had a miscarriage, I found a soft spot for the guy.  Read PRAYERS FOR BELTRAN & HIS FAMILY for more. 

Bottom line, who knows what was going through the guy's head during his wife's pregnancy and who knows if there was more than a normal pregnancy going on. I don't dare look into his personal life, all I'm suggesting is, I feel for the guy.  I'm a father and husband. Clearly I think too much.  The best thing now is Beltran is on the mend, and maybe next year we start with a clean slate.  I know he enjoys the pinstripes... I just want the guy to do what we pay him to do... hit home runs and come through in the clutch.

Get well soon Carlos.

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