Tuesday, October 29, 2013


With Derek Jeter kind of a question mark next season, meaning, we really need to see if he can come back from all his injury 100%, one has to think clearly about what to do about a backup at Shortstop.  Let me be frank... I don't want Eduardo Nunez there. I want to re-sign Brendan Ryan. 

First let me say, I like Nunez, he's grown on me, but it would almost be more fitting to put him at third base, filling in for Alex Rodriguez than making him the back up shortstop for Jeter.  It's my opinion that the experiment just ain't working.  Sure, there have been flashes of greatness for Nunie in the field this past season. But for my money, I like Ryan's energy, and I'll take that.  Plus, we could use him at 2nd base if needed or even third... and let's be honest, the guy loves being in New York and would probably catch if we needed him too.  I kid of course, but it's my opinion that when a guy comes to New York and wants to be there and shows that energy and excitement, you need to cater to those attributes... after all, those types of players will work hard for you and hopefully will provide results.

Last season Brendan Ryan hit .220 with the Yankees.  He had 1 home run. Don't forget, he came over from the Mariners late in the season.  That average and power is not why we signed him. We signed him for his defense. Granted, he can hit decent, but his best season was back in 2009 with the St. Louis Cardinals when he batted .298.  He can run for you too which is a nice tool to have.  But again, it's the defense that I like from this kid.    Read about it in a brilliant piece by Ryan Divish at Baseball Prospectus.

Sure, there are targets out there this off-season... Clint Barmes is there for instance... but Ryan's a better option in my opinion... I say do it Yanks... re-sign the kid.  He's 31 and he's will to run through a brick wall for you!

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