Monday, October 28, 2013


Now, we've been hearing about Chase Headley every offseason and trade deadline for the past 3 years when it comes to the Yankees interest in him.  That's not new. There have been various reports, or "headlines" should I say, suggesting that the Yankees have Chase Headley on their radar.  I can't confirm it, many can't. In fact, if you read through Joel Sherman of the New York Post's piece, there is a blurb about Headley and the Yankees in it and it's quite detailed.  In fact, it's the best analysis of what is going on inside the San Diego Padres Camp when it comes to Chase.  But trust me, if you just read the "Headley on the Yankees radar" headline... you will miss it.

Here's what Sherman actually DID say about Headley and the Yankees:

"The Padres recently completed organizational meetings in Arizona and came away believing they will retain Chase Headley in his walk year rather than trade him. San Diego will listen to offers for the switch-hitting third baseman, who has been on the Yankees’ radar.

The Padres will listen if teams are interested. But San Diego believes it is more in a win-now mode and will deal him only for cost-effective players ready for the majors now or close to the majors. Padres officials feel, because of that, the Yanks are not a match. This is one of the problems of having an unproductive farm system — not only are you not feeding the big league team useful parts, but those parts do not exist for trades."

So, breaking it down as a blogger... and choosing to read what you want to read and write about, the Yankees like Headley.  Sure, maybe they do, but it's clear, the Padres aren't very interested in trading him to the Yankees. In fact, as Sherman says, "Padres officials feel... the Yanks are not a match."

Boom... stay tuned.

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