Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Will we get anyone? The deadline is over... at this point, "You Get Nothing", but there are indications that perhaps the Yankees and Michael Young can work out a deal. Not sure about that.  ESPN's Andrew Marchand says it's happening (HERE):

"Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Michael Young is willing to waive his no-trade clause to join the New York Yankees, baseball sources said, and now the two teams are trying to work out a deal before the 4 p.m. deadline."

Well, the deadline is passed... who knows if they are still trying to hammer out a deal... it's happened before, it could happen again. I mean we need this guy at opinion of course.

And as far as Phil Hughes is concerned... here's the latest from USA Today's Bob Nightengale:
 What that means is anyone's guest.  I mean, he's not traded yet, but he could be.  The other note about Hughes was that the Braves were interested, but Joel Sherman of the New York Post says it's not going to happen:
So there you have it.  Hurry up and wait... the Yankees appear to have not made any moves to better their club.  The End.

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