Friday, June 28, 2013


Seems like all you hear nowadays is ARod this, and ARod that. Honestly, I will gladly take in all the ARod news over what names babies are being given these days in Hollywood. Yes, no doubt about it, ARod is all over the news, even in Twitter land. In case you haven't heard, Alex Rodriguez has thrown himself into the social media frenzy.

He is on Twitter under handle @AROD. So far it's worked against him with the recent backlash from Yankees GM Brian Cashman telling Alex to "shut t he f*** up", Casey wrote about it in CASHMAN CLEARLY DOESNT LIKE AROD. Poor Alex. Why do I say that? I say it because even when he is trying to make good on something, it goes and bites him in the ass. Did he really expect this to take the crazy twist it did when he tweeted his tweet?
I'm betting no, but it did. And some feel Cashman was right, others saw it as something that was overly hyped and over analyzed. I say the latter. Aside from that, ARod is clearly getting closer to coming back and rejoining the team. Sources say this wont happen until sometime after the All-Star break. But for now, his rehab stint could start sometime next week on or around July 1st, read that HERE. However, does anyone care?

What are we expecting from ARod when he does make his return? I can clearly state there won't be roses at his locker, or a special delivery of Edible Arrangements from Brian Cashman himself. Before I say what i think, I want you to understand something. I'm 50/50 when it comes to ARod. I get sick of his off field antics. I hate when any player can bring scrutiny to the organization. Nonetheless I support him as long as he wears the Yankee pinstripes. With his recent issues with the Biogenesis scandal looming, and until we get further information as to his involvement. I won't think anything of it. My first concern is can anyone help this team by just contributing?

We are in a tight race in the division. While ARod has to deal with all the on field agendas and may have to eventually answer for his actions I want him to help us out. There you have it. I'm not asking for him to be the vintage Alex Rodriguez of 2007 where he was a monster at the plate with 54 HR's. I just want him to put up hits, and move runners on base. We need anyone at this point that can come in and do that. We are in need of it, and we need that now. Let's not forget, the Yankees line up is notorious for being lefty laden. A right handed bat presence is always useful to get pitchers to think. He can help bring a psychological ploy to the plate with that. Hey, if ARod were to go on a tear, I'm certain NO ONE will be complaining. Not even Brian Cashman will have too much to say.

It's not about hoping ARod can turn things around for himself and preserve whatever he can of his name or hope he can take more GQ magazine pictures of kissing a mirror. It's about a guy who is still under payroll and going out there to earn it like every other player. He is still apart of the Yankee roster and whether we like it or not, we need him out there with everyone else in hopes of keeping us afloat in the division and a possible October playoff berth. As far as Twitter, Instagram, and whatever accounts Alex has set up. All the power to him. How about a Harlem Shake video from ARod? We could use the laugh. Or better yet, Alex, send me your Playstation Network username. I can always use another friend on Call of Duty. Ok, in all seriousness. Let's not completely write him off . To some it's the resourceful way to move on, but he is still with the team. He is still under contract. For whatever it's worth, he still has a responsibility under those terms and that's to play for the New York Yankees.

So when he FINALLY makes his first at bat of the 2013 season, just wait and see what he does first. I can't blame the guy for his excitement of wanting to get back out there. Let's hope it's to bring New York back to the top. After all, it's what we all want.

-- Rudy Laurens, BYB Writer
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