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You know I've been beating the drum very hard to make everyone aware of the devastation people have been dealing with after Hurricane Sandy. Some of the people that have read the BYB site are actually in the middle of the horror.  Well, Ray Negron stepped up big time. He's the guy who wrote Yankee Miracles and is giving proceeds of his book sales to the Red Cross.  He also got a bunch of high level actors, athletes and musicians together for Sandy Relief as well.  Read RAY NEGRON TAKES CHARGE JUST LIKE STEINBRENNER DID BEFORE HIM.

Luckily for me, I've been able to make some pretty nice friends over the past few months and thanks to Ray and Persiphone Hellecat, Bleeding Yankee Blue was able to ask a few questions to ex-Yankee star (hopefully soon to be a Yankee again), Raul Ibanez.

So, we broke it down for you to make it simple. The victims of Hurricane Sandy need help.  So many of us have asked you to do what you could and so many have.  Now, even Raul Ibanez is stepping up to the plate and will be attending the "Music of the Night" benefit (tickets HERE) as well.  So here it is, our BYB interview with Raul about why Sandy Relief is so important...as well as a few other things.  Enjoy this... I did.

BYB: Where were you when you first saw the devastation Hurricane Sandy left behind and what was your first instinct as a public figure?

Raul Ibanez: "I was home in Pennsylvania.  I got sick to my stomach because I hate for this to happen anywhere! I have such a love for New York after this year that it hit that much harder for me."
BYB: How did you get connected with Ray Negron to be part of his concert at the Tilles Center on November 29th?

Raul Ibanez: "Ray seemed to adopt me as his "Go-to-guy" whenever he needs a player to go to a school or hospital to deal with issues."

BYB: How important is it for everyone to pitch in, big or small in this effort to get the victims of Hurricane Sandy help?

Raul Ibanez: "There shouldn't be a question from the standpoint of how can I help.  It should be 'I am here to help.'"
BYB: Off topic for a moment...I need to ask you; You came up for the second time in Game 1 against the Tigers in the 12th after you've already homered in the 9th to tie it. Are you thinking home run?

Raul Ibanez: "I was just looking for my pitch to drive."

BYB: How was your experience in the Bronx this season and would you come back to the Yankees if they called?

Raul Ibanez: "One of the greatest years of my life.  I heard it was great to be a Yankee I just didn't realize how much!  I can't wait to come back to the Yankees!"
(Photo Credit: Barbara Reif)
BYB: Finally, what's your message to the victims of Hurricane Sandy who are struggling right now?

Raul Ibanez: "Please hang in there! Things will soon get better, one way or another."

A Special thanks to Raul, Ray and Persi for their help and listen, the cause is real, the help is real.  People need aid desperately. People need to do what they can, however big or small they choose.  It's important for mankind.

Thank you all for reading today. Share it. Spread it.  Enjoy it. Thanks.

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