Monday, July 16, 2012


An interesting tid-bit on a guy that hasn't been really talked about, Jose Mesa Jr. With all the talk about Ty Hensley and him officially signing with the Yankees late Thursday night, read HERE, it's been under reported that Jose Mesa Jr has also officially signed with the Yanks.  You've heard the name Jose Mesa before, he played major league baseball for 19 years...Mesa Jr. is obivously his son.

Jose Mesa Jr was the 24th overall draft pick.  According to Mesa's Tweet on the morning of July 13th, HERE, it was revealed that he signed.  According to Bronx Baseball Daily, "Draft picks after the 10th round are limited to $100K draft bonus unless there is money over from the pool teams are assigned for their top 10 picks." 
Also, on Sunday, Ty Hensley suited up with the Yankees. Here are some quotes from Ty Hensley about the workout, courtesy of Bryan Hoch and Ethan Asofsky:

On advice he received: "I've gotten a lot of good advice and tips... I'm looking forward to bringing them down to Tampa."

On getting to the Yankees pro-team by 21: "It's definitely still my goal... That's what I plan on doing. I've got a good group of people behind me, and I think it's definitely within reach."

On the reported abnormality in his shoulder MRI: "All I can tell you is that I'm healthy and I plan on staying healthy... I've never been sore. I've never even been sore after I've thrown. I'm going to be healthy for a long time, and I prepare myself. I do my body right."
Anyway...welcome Jose and Ty...Welcome to the Bronx!

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