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On Monday, June 4, the Yankees drafted 18-year old right handed pitcher Ty Hensley with their first round pick (Number 30 overall) in the MLB First Year Player Draft. He comes in at 6’ 5” and he went to Edmond Santa Fe High School in Oklahoma. Since being drafted, a lot has gone on with Hensley’s life, but fortunately he was kind enough to take time out of his day and answer a few questions for us, and we greatly appreciate that. So, without any further ado, here’s Bleeding Yankee Blue’s interview with Yankees’ 2012 First Round pick, Ty Hensley.

BYB: Thank you Ty, for giving us your time, and congratulations on being drafted by the New York Yankees, best of luck.

Ty Hensley: Thank you, Jesse. My pleasure and I will take the luck because we can all use it!

BYB: How has your life changed since you’ve been drafted? Tell the BYB readers a couple of things that you’ve never experienced before since you were drafted.

Ty Hensley: Well, Jesse, not a lot has changed besides my Twitter followers and Facebook friends! Just kidding, truly the biggest thing that has changed is that I may have the opportunity to grow with the pinnacle of baseball franchises with the New York Yankees! As far as new experiences, I would have to say being corrected by about 50 people when I accidentally tweeted “Yankee Nation” was kind of a shocker. My tweets don’t usually generate that much excitement! Getting calls from A-Rod and CC Sabathia were amazing experiences, and I still can’t believe it!

BYB: What’s next? Have you had any contract negotiations with the Yankees yet, if so, how have they gone?

Ty Hensley: Staying with my workout and throwing program while waiting things to get wrapped up.

BYB: A lot of baseball websites had you projected to get drafted earlier than you were actually picked. Were you surprised that you fell to 30, or does that not matter to you?

Ty Hensley: Sure, I was a little surprised. A lot of things are said and done leading up to the draft, but boards blow up and things change. It doesn’t matter that I fell to 30, it only matters that the Yankees caught me.

BYB: Can you give everyone a quick scouting report of yourself? What types of pitches do you throw, and what pitches are you looking to improve on?

Ty Hensley: Being 6’ 5”, 220 lbs, I try to use my size to get a good downhill plane on my ball. I sit 92-95 mph with my fastball, but my out pitch is a 12-6 downer that sits 78-81. The change is an average pitch now, but I was really figuring it out late in the season. In fact, I relied on it my last start when I struck out 13. Of all my pitches, the change is the one I want to work on the most.

BYB: You said that you wanted to reach the Major Leagues by the age of 21, and that makes fans like me very excited. How confident are you that you’ll reach that goal?

Ty Hensley: As long as any unforeseen things don’t get in my way. I am extremely confident. Nobody believed me at 11 when I said I would be a first round draft pick. Heck, some people didn’t believe it last year and that’s OK. I respond to that kind of motivation. I know my tools and I know my work ethic, so if those things are allowed to play, I can make it happen with a supportive organization.

BYB: What’s the biggest goal for you once you reach the Show with the Yankees?

Ty Hensley: To stick.

BYB: Who is your favorite Major League player ever, Yankee or non-Yankee and why?

Ty Hensley: Luke Scott, because we have a great relationship and I respect him as a player and a person.
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BYB: When you were drafted, one of the things we learned was that you love Chipotle. Have they reached out to you yet for an endorsement deal?

Ty Hensley: Not yet, ha ha. I’m still an amateur athlete, but as soon as I sign they can feel free to call me anytime!
BYB: How do you think wearing the pinstripes feels?

Ty Hensley: Tradition, Pride, Honor… Remember when Roy Hobbs hit the lights in “The Natural”? Yeah, a lot like that!

BYB: Do you reading Bleeding Yankee Blue? What do you think?

Ty Hensley
: I have since June 4. I really appreciate your coverage of me and introducing me to the New York Yankees fan base. I think that anytime someone does something they love, it shows, and reading your site, you guys obviously love what you do. It’s good work.

Once again, thank you, Ty, for taking time out of your day to do this interview with us. We all hope your road to the Major Leagues is a successful one, and in a few years we hope to see you in the Show. Best of luck.


--Jesse Schindler, BYB Lead Staff Writer
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