Wednesday, April 11, 2012


(In Photo: Jose Campos)
Flashback to January when the worlds of both Mariners and Yankee fans alike were turned upside down after the teams swapped their prized players. Sure, the Yankees were getting the pitching they had been searching for and the Mariners finally got some offense but that doesn’t mean everyone was accepting of the trade.

Now... Fast forward past Spring Training to Opening week….and suddenly things look a little different turn... the headline has changed. Anyone remember Jose Campos and Hector Noesi, you should, they're about to have monster seasons... Well, while Jesus Montero was having a rough Spring training taking baseballs to the mask and Michael Pineda was busy resting his arm on the disabled list, something happened...Campos and Noesi have grabbed the spotlight!(In Photo: Noesi with the New York Yankees)
I really liked Noesi when he was in New York and as sad as I was to see him leave, but I know that Seattle is a better place for him. Noesi had no chance of making the Yankees starting rotation and I will even go as far to say that his talent was being wasted as a long-man in the bullpen. Now that he is on the Mariners team, he has a spot in the starting rotation and will finally get to compete at the next level and help out a young team that is rebuilding. Noesi had a strong spring, and after his last start he looked ready for the regular season. Noesi pitched seven innings and only allowed one run and seven hits against the Rockies on April 4th, read HERE. Since then, he made his first major league start on Monday night against fellow newcomer Yu Darvish. Noesi only made it into the fourth inning allowing six hits, three walks, and seven earned runs, which isn’t the most positive debut but don’t let that fool you. Noesi has a lot to offer to Mariners and he will be an asset to that team and he is still young so he has a lot of time left to make adjustments. Besides, no one should panic after one rough start….right Yankee fans?

On the other end of the spectrum is Jose Campos. Although he is not in the big leagues yet, if he keeps performing the way he does….it won’t be long until we see him in Yankee stadium. Campos made his debut as a Class-A Yankee on Friday pitching six innings with 42 of his 65 pitches thrown for strikes and he only allowed two base runners. One of his strengths is his control; he has a good reputation for allowing very few walks. He also has a good work ethic and the desire to better himself. He has a good low to mid 90s fastball but he is still developing a change up and a curve ball and it will be exciting to watch him progress. Campos is ranked as the fifth best prospect in the Yankee farm system, and even though we won’t be seeing him this year something tells me it won’t be as long as we think before he is taking the mound at Yankee stadium.

It is nice to see some promising arms in our farm system. While I have no doubt that Montero is going to give the Mariners some leadership and offense that they need and Pineda will be an asset to the Yankees for many years to come, we can’t forget about the kids. It is always nice to have in-house options rather than being forced to go out and buy it or trade for it. Montero and Pineda were the stars a few months ago, but it looks like the young guns have stolen the show….well, they have for the time being at least.

--Jeana Bellezza --BYB Writer and Editor

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