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Today Bobby Valentine backtracked for criticizing Derek Jeter and the “flip” play. He did exactly what I said he would do, he spoke out of turn like he actually knew what he was talking about. He doesn’t know what he's talking about and he needs to be quiet.

This is what has happened to Bobby Valentine; He has been propped up on a pedestal all these years being called a brilliant baseball mind, but the reality is, he’s usually late to the party and makes hard criticisms about things that he really doesn't have a close grasp on. Well, today he got called out, and good for Jeter and the Yankees. Here’s what Jeter said about Valentine accusing the Yankees of never practicing the “flip” play:

“Why are we talking about this, really? He must be bored over there, huh? I don’t understand. I mean, we do... What do you want me to say? I mean, really. What am I supposed to say?”

Then Joe Girardi chimed in: “Ever since I’ve been here — in 1996 — we’ve asked our shortstops to kind of float in the infield... We worked on it today. It happened to be cuts-and-relays day today.”

Here’s Valentine: “He said they do practice it. Total mistake on my part because they do practice it, that’s for sure... It’s hard to practice that because why are we going to practice a bad throw? That’s not what we’re doing here. But I get it. I get it. ... I want it on record that I love Derek Jeter as a player. It was not a slight towards him. I love him as a guy, too.”

The full story is HERE. So, is it over? Hardly. There will be more of this crap all season and it’s kind of embarrassing because this is now a perfect indication that Valentine is out of touch. Time in Japan has clearly passed him by here in the United States, and that goes back to the other crap he said about the Alex Rodriguez too.

Look, I wasn’t going to do this. I wasn’t going to go back to Bizarro World and revisit Bobby Valentine and his lousy attempt to seem relevant, but it’s absolute insanity. After all, he’s catapulted the biggest Yankee highlights in baseball history back into the conversation years after they happened like they took place yesterday. That stuff is old news Bobby, did you just wake up Rumpelstiltskin? It’s 2012, Jeter cemented himself in Yankee greatness already, you’re late to the party. Valentine actually thinks he knows something ladies and gentlemen. That’s baseball’s fault, they've made him believe his word is law. It’s not. But let me get to my point… Valentine also commented on Jason Varitek being a “man’s man” and “He was able to beat up Alex” when that fight went down at Fenway Park in 2004. Read Valentine’s bologna HERE.

Let’s call Bobby Valentine what he really is…Flounder from Animal House.

Showing up at the Frat house, or, in this case, Red Sox Nation and trying to fit in. You guys playing cards?” A whole group of guys look at him and think “Who the hell is this guy?” Bobby Valentine is doing his best to make it seem like he’s baseball’s every man. There’s 1 problem, he’s been propped up too long as being important in baseball and he’s even believing the crap they’re peddling about him. The reality is, no one cares what Bobby Valentine has to say and the only reason these comments are news isn’t because the comments are important, it’s because they are ridiculous.

Jason Varitek is a baseball God in Red Sox nation, that, I believe to be true. But everyone knows real men fight fist to fist, no weapons, no protection, but pure guts. So what’s wrong with this picture below? Everything.

I’m not going to dredge up the fact that V-Tek isn’t beating up anybody here, in fact, I’m going further asking why Bobby Valentine really cares about a fight that happened in 2004? If you want to get technical, I was there at Fenway that day. I actually saw what happened. Where was Bobby? Well, in 2004, he was in Japan, managing the Chiba Lotte Marines. So, back to Flounder from Animal House for a second… why is he walking into a clubhouse trying to fit in?

People can knock Alex all they want, I have..we all have at some point, but no one fights with a face mask on unless you’re fencing or… unless you don’t want to get punched in the mouth. I’m not going further with this, we all know that Varitek lost his manhood after he was a Captain for the Boston Red Sox and did absolutely nothing to protect his team in the Chicken and Beer Scandal. That being said, this has nothing to do with Jason Varitek, I wish him well. This has everything to do with Bobby Valentine, the “Sock Puppet of Misrecollection." Message to Bobby, Yankee fans will demolish you in the Bronx. If that’s what you want, bring it on, because one thing I know about my New York Yankees is they’ll hear you comments like a gnat in their ear and do their damage on the field. Derek Jeter leads this team, and it started today. He was just as confused as we were here at BYB (Read WHY VALENTINE IS BASEBALL'S UNCLE RICO.) Yankees don’t spew crap, we beat you on the field… that’s the Yankee way.

We fans on the other hand, love our team and we could probably talk more intelligently about baseball events better than you can, especially when you watch a fight between Alex Rodriguez and Jason Varitek on a television in Japan and we actually watched it unfold at the game itself.

Let’s face it Flounder, you’re irrelevant and you’ll always be irrelevant, even when you’re trying to fit in and be relevant…

OK... I'm done with this... let’s play ball.

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