Monday, March 26, 2012


You know me by now, I grew up idolizing Ron Guidry. I still own and use my Ron Guidry Wilson glove…it’s broken in nice. Growing up, I loved that he was a lefty and me, well I was a lefty and it was all I could think about, pitching for the New York Yankees along side my idol. I loved the way he pitched and I’d impersonate him in my backyard for hours. Ron Guidry was lanky, he fired it in and when he had that incredible run in 1978 of 25-3, I was hooked. I remember being in my backyard pretending I was some of the Yankee players and making plays or in Guidry’s case, I’d whip the baseball against the chain linked fence a million times. I even sported a fake paper mustache just for effect. Ok, so I was a freak but back to my point…Ron Guidry to me was a true New York Yankee, staying with the team his entire career and being a leader for years on that club, even being named co-captain with Willie Randolph. I remember going to Game 1 of the 1981 World Series as a kid and sitting in the right field mezzainine section and my dad telling me not to breath in because of that weird smell in our section. At the time I had no idea that people were smoking pot so I just did what he said. I remember Guidry pitched and Guidry won, but the Yankees didn't beat the Dodgers that year. I remember the Yankees for a long time didn’t make the playoffs and for a while Guidry still hung on, he had some great seasons and then, not so great, but in the end, he was always my guy.There were so many great pitchers and each person has 1 favorite... Whitey Ford or maybe you liked someone like David Cone. Hell, maybe you were a huge fan of Fritz Peterson, whomever you loved, they were Yankees... they all deserve some recognition though. Coincindentially, when I made MY ALL-TIME YANKEES TEAM on Bleeding Yankee Blue, I included CC Sabathia on that list. At the time it was probably premature because he hadn’t given us enough time with the team, but now months later, even he is falling into place as one of the best Yankee pitchers in it’s rich history. Read that piece by the way, you may enjoy it and comment and add some of your opinions! We love to hear from our readers, when it comes to the All-Time Yankees list, it’s personal, there is no wrong answer.

So who’s your favorite Yankees pitcher and why? We're going to attempt to do a poll here. Look, I can't include every pitcher, but I do list 15 of some of the All-Time Yankee greats, so vote on who is the best from that list... in your opinion. Again, there is no wrong answer and if your guy isn't part of the poll, then comment and write him in. Once the poll is concluded, we will chat about it in a new piece and include comments if guys that you liked weren't on the list. So have fun with this one and do it, we want to hear from you.

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