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This is our second installment of Yankee Shorts, stories from the past 2 weeks that we put together in a top list for you. Have fun!

10. ARod and WrestleMania…What?

Relax fellow Yankee fans, ARod has no plans to enter the ring anytime soon. But it’s being reported HERE that he will join his lady friend ringside for WrestleMania in Miami most likely on April 1st. April Fool’s joke? No actually. Yankees are scheduled to play the Marlins in Miami on that day. Hey ARod, be careful but be sure to let us know if you smell what the Rock is cooking, OK?

9. Bronx Zoo?

Too much pitching….a so called problem the Yankees haven’t had in a while. Rumors have spread that Michael Pineda, Phil Hughes, Freddy Garcia and Ivan Nova were not thrilled with the arrival of Mr. Andy Pettitte. With that being said, the Skipper Joe Girardi has served up a dose of humble pie saying to his pitchers earn your spot, read that HERE.

So in the words of Jay Z……Show Me What Ya Got!!

8. There’s No Crying in Baseball!

Remember that silly rant by Bobby Valentine when the Yankees didn’t play the 10th inning of the tie game against the Red Sox…IN THE SPRING? We wrote about it HERE. Bobby blabbed that Joe Girardi was not very courteous and that he had to answer to the pitcher trying to make the team. Really? You need a 10th inning to determine if that pitcher is going to make the cut? If that’s the case the Red Sox have bigger issues! With all due respect Bobby Valentine… there is no crying in baseball.

7. Hey Boo Boo!

The bear has spoken… well Yogi Berra that is. In true Yankee fashion, Yogi checks up on the boys at Spring training. When asked how they look he replies “Fine, good. We’ll find out when they start. That’s when it counts." Read HERE. However he was also quick to say “They better be good” and I agree with that statement. So guys take heed because the legend has spoken.

6. Pavano’s back? Not exactly

Carl Pavano is back in the news because it appears he’s the target of an extortion plot. Read about it HERE. Bleeding Yankee Blue believes in keeping private lives private and it’s just a shame that someone is out to try and ruin Carl Pavano. Say what you will about Pavano, but one thing he doesn’t need is to have his name dragged through the dirt like this… Oh wait…that’s been done? When he was with the Yankees? The New York sports media did it? Oh yeah… my mistake.

5. Grandeur

When Curtis Granderson states he hopes to build on success you know it’s going to be a great season. Read HERE. It’s not an easy task filling the shoes of legends like DiMaggio and Mantle but one I do feel #14 is capable of handling. His outstanding 2011 season makes me say Granderson is Grandeur in his own way!

4. No Respect!

The debate continues over Derek Jeter. Read HERE. Is he still as good as he once was? I will promptly answer YES!!!!! His batting average may not be what it was ten years ago and yes he will be 38 this year but the man’s still got it!! Come on, it’s not like he has one foot in the grave even though that’s the way the critics portray it. So here’s my message to you Mr. Jeter….I hope you have one hell of a year so that all the critics out there can eat a mouthful of Jeter crow!!

3. Pinstriped Brothers

Entering into their 18th season together as a New York Yankee, Jeter and Mariano Rivera is a dynamic duo unlike any other. The Captain and The Closer discuss their careers together. They both express appreciation for each other’s solid work ethic and class. The exact traits which have earned them the fans love and respect. Mariano don’t forget Jeter‘s signed jersey!

2. “How Do I Look?”

Here’s a story from a couple of weeks ago that I must share. Ladies… How many men do you know that likes shopping? Well Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli is a self proclaimed shopaholic. Read HERE. So, Derek Jeter this breaking news may just put “Gazoo” in the running for your title of New York’s most eligible bachelor. A shopping enthusiast and New York Yankee….What more can a girl wish for?

1. Real Men Wear Pink

MLB and our Yankees have joined the fight against Breast Cancer. Usually around Mother’s Day the players join the fight and sport their pink attire. They also select an honorary bat girl from a slew of entries. So many people are affected in some way with cancer. Show your support and buy yourself some pink baseball attire and be sure to nominate or enter the batgirl contest. Entries accepted through April 6th. Read about it HERE. It's important.

We'll have the third installment of Yankee Shorts in 2 weeks. I can't wait to bring it to you.

--Kate Munrow, BYB Staff Writer

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