Friday, December 2, 2011


I just don't see it and I don't see it ever happening. Why in the hell would Derek Jeter tweet? I've had this debate with a twitter pal of mine... Nicole, @ and I am doing my best convincing that there is no way in hell that Derek Jeter will ever tweet...ever. Not only ever, never. I usually will write a note and follow it up with #Jeetdonttweet. I mean, let's face the reality of it, the guy barely gives reporters anything in a post game, what makes you think he'd poor out his dirty laundry on Twitter. Can you imagine?

or maybe that's not believable... how about this one below:

For some reason I imagein Jeter to be incredibly obnoxious on Twitter... IF HE TWEETED, which he doesn't, nor will he ever. Nicole keeps telling me though, if all the other Yankees like David Robertson and Russell Martin and Joba Chamberlain are, why won't Jeter eventually? She'll follow that up with a #Jeetwilltweet. Well, my only argument of why he won't is because it's Derek Jeter, that's why. I mean, I see Alex Rodriguez getting on Twitter a lot quicker than I do Jeter, at least Alex wants people to know what he's doing.

So Nicole and everyone who thinks that one day Derek Jeter will get an official "verified" account on Twitter, I have one thing to say... #Jeetwonttweetever ...

That's the reality of it.

(By the way, for those of you who thought the Jeter Tweets in this post were real... you're just silly.)

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