Monday, December 12, 2011


The Yankees would be fools to pass up an opportunity to let Gio Gonzalez go to another team, never mind a rivalry team. The Blue Jays are apparently hot and heavy for Gio. This is coming from the San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser, read HERE.

Look, it’s not like the Yankees want to be spoilers and they don’t really need Gio, I fell like they need him. And sure, Brian Cashman can say all along that he believes in his Yankee rotation but 90% of Yankeeland doesn’t, and that has to mean something. Cashman is great at what he does and if there is a way to get Gio, he should get him.

Cash doesn’t want to part with Jesus Montero and Manny Banuelos… hey, I respect that and Lord knows if I had to pick from all of our prospects, Montero and Banuelos would be the 2 I’d want to stick around, but you can’t get something for nothing and Cashman should go for it, and give the Athletics want... within reason of course. Let me be clear, Montero and Banuelos are off limits. I believe however, that many of the other kids are fair game. That's my opinion and I know some disagree, but that’s what makes the off season fun.

Buster Olney believes that Gio Gonzalez will be dealt. Read HERE. It doesn’t take a baseball analyst to be smart enough to come up with that conclusion by the way. I think so too. Many of you do as well. It can happen, but the right guys need to be dealt. No doubt that in Toronto there are kids in their minor league system that they don’t want to part with either. The difference is the Blue Jays can afford to take chances and hand over everybody they have for Gio, after all, they aren’t exactly a competitive force in the AL East. They could surely use Gio Gonzalez. The Yankees on the other hand make it to the playoffs a lot ,but we need to get over the hump.

Yes, Cashman is being cautious, calm and patient, yet, he's really keeping an eye on this. If a solution to the puzzle comes to light, he’ll no doubt be on the phone with Billy Beane, texting out a deal:

Cashman: Come on Billy, hand him over for Betances and Romine

Beane: Bro, do u think I’m stupid? They made a movie about me, not you!!!!

Cashman: lol, I climb buildings in a friggin elf outfit

Beane: throw in Banuelos and it’s a done deal

Cashman: don’t be a headhole, That’s 3 guys I cant part with. Adam Warren???

Beane: for Gio? No way asshead

Cashman: I don’t want to do this but how about Nunez, he gets on base… you like all that On base crap right?

Beane: pitching is what I need if im giving up GIO

Cashman: you are killing me softly. Give me 24 hrs, let me talk to Hal

Beane: I knew you couldn’t do it on ur own. Lol

Cashman: F u. Moneyball sucked by the way

Look, there is no doubt that the Yankees could make a deal if they really wanted to. There is no doubt that a deal could be made and there is no doubt we are all looking at this closely. The question is what is up Cashman’s sleeve? Is it Yu Darvish that he’s downplaying to the media but someone he really wants? Is it another pitcher? How about Yoennis Cespedes? Stay tuned, things could be getting good here… just in time for Christmas…

By the way, look for BYB's piece on the results of our poll WHICH PITCHER WOULD YOU TRADE FOR tomorrow.

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