Thursday, December 29, 2011


Just a quick note to all of you about a member of the Bleeding Yankee Blue family. Ya'll know Squeegee, the author of Clubhouse Confidential. Squeegee is one of the most honest and loyal guys out there when it comes to the Yankees. Plus, getting to know him over the past several months, he's a hell of a nice guy. Read EXCLUSIVE: CLUBHOUSE CONFIDENTIAL and BYB EXCLUSIVE: SQUEEGEE GETS REAL.Well, Squeegee and his wife Margarita gave birth to Steven Ramiro Castillo on Christmas Day. I just couldn't let this one go by. You know I love family and baseball and this is just a total feel good story. I wanted to take a moment and congratulate Squeegee and his family on their beautiful baby boy... and a future Yankee fan!The best... from your Yankee family.


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