Thursday, October 27, 2011


You don’t let 59-23 with a 3.18 ERA walk away...the Yankees know that. That’s the mentality behind what is expected to be a Yankee deal that will be so agreeable, CC Sabathia would have to stay in the Bronx. Look, every day this "World of the unknown" is annoying; I know it, you know it and for the most part, CC knows it too, but he has that right and it and all starts with his agent who specifically put the opt-out clause into his contract with the Yankees when he signed in 2009. Not so CC could just jump ship as soon as 3 years were over, but to give his client a comfort level. His agent was protecting him, just in case he didn’t like pitching in New York. Well, CC won a World Series ring in 2009 and made it to the playoffs three years in a row. That’s nothing to be upset about and in the back of my mind, I know CC won’t leave New York.

But this all reminds me of the Derek Jeter contract negotiations and the Andy Pettitte retirement waiting game. It sucks as a Yankee fan, because you just don’t know what’s going to happen, until it happens.What did Yogi say? "It ain't over until it's over."

There is also a sense of hurry up and wait. The Yankees have some big moves that need to be made but there are certain obstacles that they need to conquer so we can move forward. Brian Cashman will return, we practically can see that happening before our eyes, but CC, well... we’re back to that feeling of uncertainty. I hate it.

I said it in an earlier post and I’ll repeat myself. The biggest concern with the Yankees is going to be years with Sabathia. 8 years for and overweight CC Sabathia, not to mention the amount of miles (innings) on that frame, is a lot of years… it’s 2 shy of a decade... think about it. The Yankees can’t do that, no. Instead, they need to let him know that for 5 years, maybe 6, they will pay him handsomely. They will take care of CC and his family, all the Yankees need in return is alittle weight loss and that workhorse mentality to bring them championships. But most importantly, they need to assure CC that he won’t have to do it alone. The Yankee brass needs to immediately go out and get CC solid pitching to help him lead the way. Championships are won with great pitching, and I don’t mean superstars and their million dollar contracts, I mean great pitching and that stems from comfort and confidence and team morale. Knowing as a pitcher you can go out there and beat anyone is what the Yankees need behind their ace. CC needs some playmates, he needs supporting cast members, someone on his level that can provide stability. A true 1, 2, 3 punch. Andy Pettitte was that guy. AJ Burnett was the little brother that needed to focus and at times he was that guy and slowly but surely, Ivan Nova developed into one of those guys. But when you look at the top of the mountain, you want to see the Mount Rushmore of pitching, not uncertainty, not the cast of the Jersey Shore. The Yankees need pitchers that people will look at and say “They are truly a great rotation.”

I know the Yankees can pull this off and I know CC won’t walk away, but you just never know. It’s baseball in 2011, anything can happen, let’s just hope that anything is the right thing for Yankeeland.

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