Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hideki Matsui finished out his 1 year deal with the Oakland Athletics and as soon as the World Series is over, he will, like so many others, become a free agent. It just so happens that in the world of Yankeeland where big names demand big contracts based on years and money, why not bringing back a true Bronx favorite...someone like Hideki Matsui?

I know what you're thinking "Casey, you are crazy, we're trying to cut the old guys loose, we don't need more!" OK, you got me, but just hear me out on this one. Now, it's true, Prince Fielder is young and hot as hell and with that right field porch in Yankee Stadium, no doubt the world will pour into the "House that Jeter Built" to see our Prince dominate with the bat and even possibly hit 62 home runs in a season. I see it happening with Prince Fielder, no doubt. Yes, it’s true, all of that sounds damn good. But let’s face the reality of it; are the Yankees REALLY going to sign a 7 year deal with this guy? Especially when pitching is a top priority? I love Prince Fielder and I love the hype, but I'm just not sure I see it yet. Man, I hope I'm wrong. It’s very very tempting, but if you search the blogs, all you see lately is that years don’t equal championships when it comes to big superstars, instead, all it does is give a team big headaches. Especially if that superstar stalls in the 3rd year of their contract. At that point, they are still owed too much money and they’re not performing. ARod keeps coming up as an example of it. There is also the example of CC Sabathia Factor. Should the Yankees offer more money per year and less years on CC's contract? To the Yankees, it makes sense, but to CC, it may not. But not to get off track…back to my point....Hideki Matsui would be cheap, would be a 1 year deal and would still offer home runs and quality at bats, plus, the fans would absolutely salivate to see the 2009 World Series MVP 1 more time in pinstripes. This way we can still concentrate on pitching, but we'll also plugged the DH hole.

Look, this is just a thought. I’ve always loved Godzilla and he is forever a New York Yankee in my eyes, plus, if you can get a hitter like Matsui for $12 million less than another hitter, and he bats every day and gets into that rhythm, there is no reason why he can’t hit 26 home runs next season.

You’re thinking about Jesus Montero. “Where’s the kid going Casey, you need to get it together!” I did think of it, check it out... Montero would be our backup catcher in 2012, hopefully backing up a feisty Russell Martin. Montero is not a DH, he is a catcher and slowly but surely, his defense behind the plate will improve. But we need to play him there for that to happen. In my eyes, you make him the backup and this way, we could ease Montero in it and let him catch every once in a while to give Martin a rest. No doubt, Martin will want to play every day, but everyone needs a rest once in a while.

Yeah, Matsui may be old, the same old Jorge Posada is, but Matsui still has something left in the tank and believe me, while my choice may not be too popular especially with someone like Prince Fielder waiting in the wings, it could prove smart. Of course, no one truly knows if it would work out until we see Godzilla in action, so we’re taking a chance signing an older Hideki Matsui, but one thing I know about Hideki is he has pride for the pinstripes and without a doubt, he will not disappoint if he came back to the Bronx for one last hurrah. That's my opinion anyway, what’s yours?

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