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You've seen it all over the Internet. WE WANT NICK SWISHER TO HOST SNL. You think to yourself "Damn, Betty White did it. Jeter did it. Hell, why can't Nick Swisher host it?" It's true, why not?

I call Swisher the Bronx Elvis because he's out there playing his heart out for the New York Yankees and their fans and when he came to the Bronx in 2009, he was immediately embraced. Think about it for a second, With all the hype of signing big fish like CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and AJ Burnett, Nick Swisher kind of flew under the radar and when all was said and done and the Yankees had won their championship, Swish was one of the major contributors. So back to my point... Why ISN'T Nick Swisher hosting Saturday Night Live yet?

The creator of WE WANT NICK SWISHER TO HOST SNL is Beth Hucke and she's constantly rallying the troops to get this goal accomplished. I found it interesting and remarkable that Beth was able to gather so many fans of Swish together and make this campaign so popular on Facebook so fast. So, I had to interview her. Check it out:

BYB: What made you decide to start the WE WANT NICK SWISHER TO HOST SNL Campaign?

BETH: "With all the hype over the Betty White Facebook campaign, we figured why not. With his personality and enthusiasm, Swisher would be a great host. He has quickly become a fan favorite and it would just be a great show."BYB: Have you reached out to NBC's Saturday Night Live about getting Swisher on the show?

BETH: "Yes, we have reached out several times by phone, mail, email and Facebook. Our fans have been very supportive in assisting with contacting them as well. They originally told us they were looking for a page with 5000+ fans and now that we have reached that goal, so we are just waiting and having fun with the page in the meantime."

BYB: Is Nick aware of the campaign and is he apart of it in any way?

BETH: "Yes Nick is aware of the page. He tweeted about it over the fall and we have exchanged emails with his publicist. He does not actively participate on the page but we would love to have him."

BYB: Is Nick Swisher your favorite player and why?

BETH: "Nick is my favorite player. He brought life to the team during a time when it was needed. He is so personable and great to the fans, what's not to love about this guy? His outgoing personality and pure love of the game makes any Yankee fan proud to have him playing on their team. His salute to the bleacher creatures will be remembered by fans for a long long time. His charity work is great and we have that in common for some of the same causes. He is a stand-up guy and deserves nothing but great things."
BYB: There have been other Yankee members that have been on Saturday Night Live and have been amazing, Derek Jeter and George Steinbrenner, for example. What makes you think Nick Swisher would be a fan favorite?

BETH: "Nick already is a fan favorite. He is just hilarious. Between his YouTube videos and his guest appearances on other shows, he would be a natural. He does so much for the community and charity with his Swish's Wishes, he is just rounded in every way possible. "

BYB: On a personal level, have you always been a Yankees fan and growing up, who did you really like and admire as a player?

BETH: "Yes, I have always been a Yankees fan. Growing up, players like Thurman Munson and Bobby Murcer. Tino Martinez was always my favorite followed by Bernie Williams. Tino filled big shoes when taking over first and proved he was meant to be there. And Bernie, well, everyone loves Bernie."

BYB: If you could change 1 thing at the new Yankee Stadium, what would it be?

BETH: "Yankee Stadium is just the most spectacular place. To walk in for the first time is overwhelming and a memory I will cherish forever but if there was one thing I could change, it would be the ticket prices so they are affordable to the everyday family."

BYB: If there was 1 person you'd want to pie on the the Yankees, who would it be?

BETH: "The one person I would like to see hit with the pie would be Jorge Posada. For a few reasons. One, just because of the hype in the media about tension between him and AJ. Two, because Jorge is wound so tight, his reaction would be priceless."

BYB: How many Yankee games do you intend to go to this season?

BETH: "I have already been to 1 this season but usually only go a few times a year. That goes back to ticket prices... unless of course Swish would like to have us as his guests for a game."

BYB: Do you read Bleeding Yankee Blue and if so, how'd you get started reading it?

BETH: "Yes of course I read Bleeding Yankee Blue. Facebook has brought a lot of us Yankee fans together in a productive positive way. We all help each other out and promote each other. Bottom line - Bleeding Yankee Blue is an awesome site and we love having your support."(photo: Beth Hucke left)
Beth, thank you for taking the time to speak with us and we wish you well in your campaign to get Nick Swisher to host SNL. You nailed it, he's the perfect candidate. What the hell's taking them so long anyway?

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  1. I'm a friend of hers. I think he should be a host as well.. I just love him... Hooa

  2. I didn't know about this until you wrote the blog. Thanks - I will look for it on FB and repost! Swish is a great personality and I agree he would make a great host on SNL!

  3. I think he should be a host of anything..Just love him.

  4. I think BYB should host with him, you are great. I love this site.


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