Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The Yankees made a brilliant move yesterday, they decided to bring Mike Mussina back to the Bronx. He'll be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch on Opening day and there's nothing bad about that, in fact, it's going to be electric.

Mussina was never an outspoken Yankee. He was quiet and did his job. Moose never won a ring with the Yankees. It's hard to believe because he was part of some great teams, but year after year, Mussina, who was always quality on the mound, was pushed aside for heavily favored pitchers like Roger Clemens, David Wells, Andy Pettitte, even Chien Ming Wang. Mussina was always there though, and did what needed to be done, never bitching about anything.

Moose never complained EVER... all he wanted was the ball and he wanted the schedule to stay the way it was set up. He wanted to pitch. He didn't like the schedule to change. He didn't want rain, he didn't want to be moved from his rotation spot, he wanted his day and the ball on his day, that's it. For years, it made him successful. Ironically, he was the most effective in his relief appearance the night Boone cranked it out against Wakefield to take us to the World Series in 2003. Of all nights for Moose "not to be in his right frame of mind", that was supposed to be the night...but instead, he shined.
Mike Mussina is probably the most under rated former Yankee pitcher and it's all because he keeps it to himself. Never a big media guy, he did his duty and looked to get out of there.

I'm sure it wasn't just one phone call to Mike's house to get him back to the Bronx, in fact, I'm sure the guy fought them tooth and nail making up excuses on why he didn't need to do come to the Bronx. Can't you just picture it? That would be the Mussina way, wouldn't it? "Don't make a fuss, you guys are fine without me" is probably how it went. But in the end, no one is more thrilled about Mike Mussina coming back to New York than I am. Moose was a gamer, an amazing teammate and a winner.

Yanks, you made a smart choice for Opening day, Moose needs a standing "O" again, after all, think about it, the last time we saw him was the last day of his 20th win back in September 2008. It's been a while.

MOOOOOOOOSSSSSEEEEE! We've missed you pal, welcome home.

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