Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's GO time for Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees. Not only are we about to start our Quest for 28, but Our Captain, Derek Sanderson Jeter is just 74 hits away from 3000 hits, the only Yankee ever to reach that milestone. He'll also be on the all-time list right behind greats like Cal Ripken Jr (3184), Ty Cobb (4189) and of course Pete Rose (4256).

Now Jeet can act like it's not on his mind. That's fine, let him... he's good at acting like it's more about the team than individual achievement and he maybe he's right. But, in my opinion, 3000 hits in Major League Baseball will make Derek Jeter truly immortal. My suggestion to Derek would be to focus on it, and when it happens, take it all in.Jeet, you are the King of New York, the Prince of all baseball. You have your lovely lady on your sleeve in Minka Kelly and you remind me so much of Joltin' Joe DiMaggio with his lady Marilyn Monroe. And everyone loves you...ladies and the kids for sure, they impersonate your stance, your swing and every play you make. They all want to be you, but mostly in New York, Kalamazoo and Tampa.

I say, Yes Derek, you are on a quest for 28, this is true, but 3000 is along the way, and when it happens, you need to celebrate, BIG TIME. Derek you need to crack a smile and cut loose
a little.

Ladies and Gentleman, Jeter grew up a New York Yankee, while it's good, he also looks like a stiff sometimes. But he truly knows the Yankee way. Yes, it's not about flash, although don't tell Reggie that, and it's not about ego... Don't tell Reggie that either. No no, it's about pride for the pinstripes. It's about never embarrassing the brand and always showing the bright side, to any situation. Oh, and do your job and do it well. That is why we love Derek, he truly walks the walk.

But, this year, Derek we need you to relax, and we don't mean in the batter's box, we mean with life as a New York Yankee. It's time.

As players grow more mature over the years, sometimes they realize all they have and soften alittle. They sometimes let their guard down, alittle. Derek, as a fan, let me be the one who tells you, this is the year you'll finally relax, this is the year, once you hit 3000, which is a monster feat, you let it out, you let your guard down alittle, even if it's for a brief moment. The 3000 hit club is an elite group, so when you get it, tip the hat, wave, and enjoy it. You've already done so much for the Yankees team and the Yankee fans, it's time for us to give something back. Just alittle thank you. You will hear it with our ovation...accept it, you truly deserve it. Good Luck buddy, good luck.

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  1. Love this and I too hope he has fun with it! He definitely was touched by the fan reaction when he passed Lou, you could tell.


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