Thursday, November 1, 2018


Let me be clear.

The Red Sox became World Series champs because of the Red Sox, not because of Alex Cora.  He's no magician or genius. He was a young manager like Aaron Boone... a pawn that could be controlled by the front office and eventually molded into a "good manager"...maybe. We all know this right? The praise for this guy is silly.  By the way, I'd be saying the same thing if Boone and the Yankees won.  Boone's no manager... neither is Cora.  And that's why I found it not only outrageous, but pathetic that once again, the Red Sox cannot stop obsessing over the Yankees.

This is Alex Cora at the Red Sox celebration. SNY right here:

"'Think about it. The New York Yankees, yeah, the sky was falling,' Cora said on Wednesday morning in Boston. 'We lost Game 2 and it was panicking here -- everybody was like 'whoa, it's over.' We scored 16 at Yankee Stadium ... suck on it.'"

You all know what "suck on it" means, right? It means suck on a dick. Hey, I'm putting this into perspective.  It's foul, folks.  This jackass thinks that's funny. You have to be kidding me.  And this is allowed? This is supposed to be a leader of a clubhouse, now World Series champs... and this is how he behaves? And again... that was 1 game in the Red Sox amazing season, now tainted because the Red Sox, their fans and their pathetic manager can't move on.  That was the ALCS. They moved onto the World Series and WON. Not to mention they won a ton of games, had amazing memories of the season... BUT OK... let's concentrate on Game 2.

Jack ass.

Apologize Cora. You're a douchebag, plain and simple. You explain to my 9 year old what "Suck on it" means. You should be embarrassed.


  1. Suck on it means suck on a lemon you got a bitter taste in your mouth. You're mind is in the gutter

  2. Exactly. It's the lemon thing. Maybe apologize to your son because you added in foulness where there was none?

  3. His response was to a NY sports reporter...aren't you from the land where "You give as good as you get?" YOU should apologize to your regular readers of your pablum!

  4. HAHAHAHA, you should get your mind out of the gutter for one, and the nerve to call him immature. You need to look in the mirror. Alex Cora came in to a young team who needed his kind of guidance, the chemistry was amazing and it showed through the entire season. You are just a poor sport!

  5. This fan does not speak for the Bombers real fans. Sucks to lose but this is insane. Anyone who doesn’t know a managers success is dependent on player and front office support suffers from basic team structure ignorance. I’m sure Aaron Boone and the Yankee organization would have no part in this guys rant.

  6. Low class, Cora, you dont diss another team.

  7. LMAO at you NYC faggots. You have no teams left. So let me say this.
    "You still have the best GAY PARADE in the world." At least you still have something you can cheer about.

  8. Alex cora you just the Red sox Org puppet once you start losing you are out just like the others stop talking from yoour ass..

  9. Regardless of what this writer wrote, there are some true points to this article. Alex Cora, was not graceful or professional. Okay so his response was to a NY sports reporter, he still left the “suck on it” comment to vague interpretation, and made it a point to boast and be demonstrative to another team when they had reached the top of their sport, so yes that behavior is immature. Which also speaks a lot to his character even if it was a lapse in judgement for that moment... He is a leader and figure head of that organization, so he should act accordingly..

  10. The writer of this blog is a moron and I'll explain why.

    Cora said "We lost game two snd everybody was panicking HERE"
    Where did Cora use the word "here"? It was at FENWAY PARK.
    Note to Yankees fans, yeah we hate you, but it isn't all about you. Cora was complaining about the fans who were freaked out that their 108 win team lost 1 game and gave up hope. He wasn't talking about the Yankees or their fans, but to the writer of this stupid article, I proudly say SUCK IT.


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