Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Because not everything is black and white.

We've all ripped Manny Machado for his non-hustle and annoying behavior in the playoffs, but he's still a solid player and still a free agent. A lot has been said of him the past 2 weeks and there is plenty of speculation about whether or not the Yankees will sign this guy.  Here's the problem, it's big money and I don't think anyone loves that idea.

 Now I personally don't think the Yankees will go after this guy at all. But I did want to give props to Brendan Kuty about how he formulated his article after Brian Cashman spoke of Machado.  This is exactly what I've been thinking and writing about for weeks... and something that baseball fans need to understand. It's not about yes or no to Machado... it's very strategic and I wanted to share this...

Photo: USA Today
"On the Yankees' interest in Manny Machado: 

What Cashman said: “I’m going to be engaging the entire landscape in the free agent market. I’m not going to say who and when but we will make sure we check every box in terms of what’s available and the cost associated with what’s available in both marketplaces, free agency and trades.” 

What he really said: 

Of course the Yankees are going to stay involved in the Machado sweepstakes, despite reports saying that the Yankees are already out of it. It wouldn’t make sense for them to pull out so early in the process. Never know what could happen. The Yankees currently have a need at shortstop. They could fit Machado there until Didi Gregorius (Tommy John surgery) is ready to return. And then they could potentially move him to third base long term and figure out a plan to move Miguel Andujar, too."

Bingo. A good GM gauges everything. A good GM makes sure the rival teams aren't in on the guy. A good GM checks out everything before he pounces or not. So simple... yet complicated. Some Yankee fans just don't understand it.

I like this nugget a lot by Kuty. Nice work.

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