Thursday, July 26, 2018


I'm sorry, the only name I saw in this entire trade was Billy McKinney, and he's on his way to Toronto. What kind of fool sends a prospect like that away from a rental like J.A. Happ?

Are you kidding me?

Brandon Drury? Buh-Bye. We don't need him. We didn't need him when we signed him and we sure as hell don't need him now.

Billy McKinney? He's the future folks and he's a solid future player. And you know what? I hope he goes to Toronto and turns into a superstar because the kid has heart and mad potential. And you know what? I'm pissed about it.

Anyway.  In the process, the Yanks get J.A. Happ to win now. Fine!  We'll get Mark Feinsand do the honors:

And now we wait. Will J.A. Happ be our savior? Will he help turn the Yankees around? Will he turn into an uncertainty in the rotation? A Jaime Garcia... a Sonny Gray.

Or will he be that Shawn Chacon, Aaron Small wild card-sure thing when we need it most.

We'll have to see.  One thing I do know is this... Billy McKinney is a major loss in this entire scenario.  We loved McKinney here at BYB.  Don't worry though... we'll keep an eye on him for you all.

Welcome to the Bronx, J.A. Happ.  Make it a good one... or else.

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  1. Yanks have a plethora of OF prospects and their OF is set for the next several years. Mckinney is a .230 hitter with power and they have plenty of those to go around. Not a bad deal if Happ can stabilize the rotation and I like the addition of another southpaw.

  2. I hope you were being sarcastic. If Billy McKinney is the future of the Yankees then thus retired reporter us the next editor of the New York Times. Billy is a nice spare part. He can play corner OF and 1B and hit a little, but not enough to play regularly.

  3. I disagree, I don’t feel McKinney is that big of a loss. He does have potential but we have enough outfielders including Frazier. Plus remember Harper is a free agent next season and Trout in two seasons. We didn’t really need McKinney.

  4. McKinley, is rated alot higher than 230 hitter.He has power and projected hitting 20 to 30 homers a year...but rather give him away than florial

  5. We don't know if he can play regularly or not, never had the chance with us, I'm sure he could. Did not like losing him either!!

  6. Noone really mentioned why they got JA Happy under it all . He's 7-4 with a 2.98 ERA career against the Red Sox. He has been a thorn in Boston's side for a long time now. In 2 starts this year against Boston he has a .89.... Point 89, so sometimes it goes deeper than just upgrading to upgrade .it's obvious they got him to possibly beat their rivals late in the season. McKinney's a decent prospect but the Yanks are loaded.


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