Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I joke... because the whole process has been painful. I'm dead inside when it comes to Jacoby Ellsbury.

Photo: Peter G. Aiken - USA Today Sports
I'll admit it. I no longer want Jacoby on the Yankees.  We have too many outfielders.  He's the one that has to go.  I like him. His teammates love him and I get all of that.  It's just time, and that's OK.

Tony Dejak, Associated Press
I was hoping the San Francisco Giants would figure out a way to take him off the Yankees hands, with the Yankees eating all that salary or something, but no. That didn't happen. The Giants went another way.... they signed Austin Jackson.

If I'm the Giants, I sign Jackson too.  After all, Ellsbury is our problem, not theirs.

Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images
And so... we lost another potential destination for the Ells.  Hell, maybe the Tallahassee Balloons would take him off our hands. Notice what I did there? I made up a team because the likelihood of an actual major league team taking him at this point might be difficult.

Carry on.

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