Friday, December 15, 2017


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I love Red Thunder, but there has been sprinklings and rumblings of talk involving he in trades.  Even when the Stanton stuff was going on, there was a brief time that Clint Frazier's name was attached to those trade talks.  Nothing happened then, and many of us were relieved, but now his name is popping up again, from a very reliable writer... George King III of the New York Post.

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"According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the Yankees and Pirates are discussing a deal that would bring right-hander Gerrit Cole from Pittsburgh and possibly would include outfielder Clint Frazier leaving The Bronx."

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Now Cole is good, but I would hate to give up Frazier.  Here's the thing though, and I've expressed this before. While we love Frazier, much like we loved Rob Refsnyder, he may not have a role on this team... at least right now. We have Stanton, Judge, Hicks, Gardner and Ellsbury.  You see what I mean?

We shall see what comes out of this trade rumor. It is quite interesting.

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  1. We will live to regret trading Frazier, who has the potential to be our LF for the next 10 yrs after Gardy is done in a yr. Remember Jay Buchner! Cole is typical NL fly ball pitcher


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