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Ever feel the need to reinvent yourself? Chart a new course?  Find a new way? Reinvention is the one word that defines the 2017 Yankees.  The New York Post suggested that our Game 5 starter"37-year-old (CC) Sabathia (is) starting the biggest game of the Yankees’ season after climbing Reinvention Mountain."  I took this one step further by coining 'Reinvention' as the best way to describe our current team.

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We saw how we slowly climbed the mountain with some of our key parts intact in the early part of the season.  Spring quickly transitioned into the warm days of summer when injuries and slumps set in for this battered Yankee team.  Veterans and rookies alike spent time on the DL, some spending more time than others.  Some were fortunate that they didn't have to reboot on the DL but reboot in other ways, find other pathways, try alternatives.

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CC Sabathia is the anchor of this Yankee team.  He has earned the resilience badge.  He has endured pain and has faced darkness.  The team believes in his ability to stand tall and give the Yankees their best shot of moving onto the ALCS.

"Sabathia is beyond his days as an ace, but when you look at his past two regular seasons it’s not hard to see why he is fired up to get the chance to pitch the Yankees into the ALCS," reports the Post.

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The battle ground is set for Progressive Field in Cleveland tonight where the Indians have more to lose than the Yankees.  "Since 1997, the Indians are 4-16 in series-clinching games. That includes going 0-2 in this series when they missed two chances to put the Yankees to sleep,"reported the Post.  Whether you believe we are living on borrowed time or quite frankly we are right where we ought to be, the opening credits are rolling and the spotlight is switched onto a Game 5 we won't soon forget.  8:08 p.m. is first pitch.  Where will you be?

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