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Sit down. Buckle up. Take a deep breath. JOE GIRARDI is a better manager than JOE TORRE. 

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Here... let me "All Caps" it for the people with iffy eyesight...JOE GIRARDI IS A BETTER MANAGER THAN JOE TORRE.  Now, just like when Joba snapped at Mariano I'm sure a good deal of you feel like I just insulted the Pope.  I didn't.  This is an opinion.  It's my opinion, and it's one that I feel very strongly about. 

I'm a Joe Girardi fan (Please note I love Mr. T as well and think the world of him as a person.) and I believe GI Joe is the better Skipper.  No, he is not good with the media.  No, he isn't flashy. Nope, he ain't even a born, bred New Yorker...ya know what?  He is an OUTSTANDING manager and a big reason the Yankees are where they are. 

Joe Torre was a genius at keeping talented, high priced, inflated egos in check, but he was always getting those type of players.  He had the Core 4 in their prime.  He saw the best Bronx Bomber team since Murder's Row win...and win and win and win.  How'd he do before King George hired him to replace Buck? (Who, like him or not, did a lot of heavy lifting to build the Yankees.)  How'd he do when he went "Hollywood"?  Joe was great for the Yankees...but he isn't the manager Girardi is.  If you are letting go the pinstriped blinders for a minute and being honest with yourself I think you may see what I'm saying.

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Yankee fans have a way of taking the glory years and making them seem untouchable.  Joe Torre was good, Joe Girardi is better.  He backs up his guys.  He KNOWS the game (You can take a walk with all the Binder nonsense).  Joe is a brilliant guy.  You don't graduate from Northwestern with an Engineering degree because you had a library card and a pulse.  Joe knows Baseball more than you do...YEP! Even you.  You sitting on your couch watching the game, ready to tweet your displeasure with the Yankee Skipper because he gave the starter the hook and went to Betances.  Joe knows how to develop kids. Don't agree? 

Ask Gary, Aaron, Sevy, Clint, Birdie, Didi, Monty...shall I go on?

These aren't the mid 1990s.  Baseball is a very different game today.  In today's version of the American Pastime my gut tells me Torre might have had a very different record.  Players stay with their clubs.  The checkbook doesn't fix it all.  Managers have to manage more than egos.

I want Girardi to stay on as manager for as long as we can keep him.  He was the better choice over Donnie ( as much as I love Donnie ).  He is better than Torre was.  If you just like Mr. T better, I get that...but it doesn't change the FACT that the Yankees have one of the top 3 or 4 Skippers in the game.  To run him down is just nonsense....Oh, and, on the couch.  There's a reason you are there and Joe Girardi is sitting in the Yankee dugout with a 91 game winning club...that was supposed to be close to .500 and rebuilding.  Enjoy your Cool Ranch and liter of Dr. Pepper. 

** Tell em fellas.  I can't listen to Joe Girardi bashing garbage anymore. SHUT UP! **

  --Mike O'Hara
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  1. I have always stated that Torre inherited what Buck built


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