Tuesday, January 17, 2017


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How do you not like Clint Frazier? The guy is full of confidence, has a work ethic, is determined and now this isn't Cleveland... it's New York... and he knows people are paying attention, and so, he's going for it talking to every microphone and reporter that comes his way, in between taking selfies. 

Welcome to a new age of athlete. Welcome, Clint Frazier everyone.

Brendan Kuty of NJ.com has a story... kind of. I mean it's a nugget and you know I love those, but it's about how Frazier doesn't want to live up to the Andrew Miller hype... whatever that means. Check it out:

"'I'm not watching him pitch anymore,' Frazier said. 'I don't want to watch him.'

A big key to Frazier having the kind of season that could propel him to a major-league debut will be to distance himself from the trade that put him in pinstripes in the first place, Frazier said at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square on Tuesday....

Photo: Jeff Irizarry | The Syracuse Chiefs
'I don't think I need to try to fill the shoes of another person,'  In 101 at-bats, Frazier, an outfielder, hit .229 with just three homers and 30 strikeouts.

It was the first time the Georgia native had truly struggled in professional baseball. He said he knows what happened.

'I went from trying to fill Clint Frazier's shoes to trying to fill Andrew Miller's shoes,' he said.

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'And the guy did what he did because he's one of the best pitchers in the game. To try to live up to the amount of hype that he had because I was traded for him was hard. He went out and did what he did and it was hard. For the first time, I thought I was humbled to the maximum tee. I had to get off cloud nine and realize there were some things I had to work on and I'm glad that a guy like Andrew is who I got traded for.'"

And that's why we saw Clint Frazier banging a medicine ball against a wall like 20 times a rep and working on a tee and being a freaking boss.  Frazier has a work ethic. Frazier can be great.

We will see Frazier at Spring Training come February. And while it will just be a glimpse... I'm excited to see how he handles being a New York Yankee with the rest of the club... and in front of the media as well.

I really want to interview Frazier for BYB.  I wish he would respond to us. Clint, let's do this bud!

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