Monday, November 14, 2016


At the 2015 trade deadline, the Yankees made a trade with the Cubs in what became known at the time as the "Aroldis Chapman" trade. If you ask anyone in the Yankees organization now, they have a different name for it - the "Gleyber Torres" trade. Torres was one of the Cubs' top prospects and the Yankees refused to do any kind of deal for Chapman without Torres in the mix. All signs point to a really good player coming up the system.

He was at A level at the time of the trade and finished out the season at A with the Tampa Yankees, posting a .270 season average and a .775 OPS. He showed good skills in the field, with a .952 fielding percentage. Keep in mind that he's only 19 years old. He is now playing in the Arizona Fall League, where he is leading the league in batting average (.382), OBP (.500), and 2nd in slugging percentage (.636). He is lighting some serious fireworks with his bat.

The Yankees have a lot of talent in the middle infield. Torres and Jorge Mateo (the Yankees #2 and #3 minor league prospects) have given the Yankees a lot of flexibility. In the next couple of years, they will likely join Didi Gregorius in what should be an interesting game of Tetris for infield positions. Torres shows good instincts in the field, and the Yankees may move him to second or third (he already played one game this year at second). Having an entire infield of players in their 20s who handle the bat well and play the field well may lead to a pretty long stretch of competitive seasons.

Then there is Aroldis Chapman. There is a lot of noise suggesting that the Yankees may be able to bring him back. A half-season loaner gave the Cubs a World Series. But if we get him back, that's what we would call highway robbery. There is no question that Yankees will be the big winners here, having scored the Cubs most prized prospect at the cost of losing Chapman for a couple of months. Things are looking bright.

--Ike Dimitriadis, BYB Senior Staff Writer
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